Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Its been a while. I don't know what it is but I seem to have lost that crazy desire to level like a madman. I got Chow to 84 fairly quickly and was working in Uldum which is very cool, and I just stopped. I don't know why, its just I don't feel any great need to start grinding out heroics for gear just yet. In fact I have barely been logging on I do my daily JC'ing daily on my mage and that's about it, Netflix and my xbox have been pulling me away from Wow with relative ease. I love TV on DVD and I have been catching up on a bunch of TV lately. I also started playing Fallout: New Vegas which has been crazy addictive to me. I think I am just into the whole dystopian wasteland thing right now, always have been honestly. Its making me think of jumping into Fallen Earth again because its basically Fallout the MMO. They are doing a free month trial right now so I am really tempted. I dusted off Mistrk recently to do mining runs because he can fly faster then my other toons and mining is really competitive out there right now. Well that's all I got right now, til the next thought pops in my head.

K Out!

Friday, December 3, 2010

I am really getting ready for Cata I swear...

Work has been crazy lately and since I am the new guy I am trying to make a good impression and trying to learn a bunch of stuff. So I have just had no blogging inspiration my only inspiration has been sleep, lol. I am getting most of my toons out of Northrend and finding good places to start off the new expansion. I am doing a few heroics here and there to make sure I at least have some points to spend when I get to 85. I have been trying to really work my Boomkin as it is my intention for him to be my main. I say intention because there was a point before Wrath where my hunter almost became my main and then the giant BM nerf of '08 hit and I didn't touch my hunter for like 8 months so anything can still happen, but I am really liking where my boomkin is right now and with my mostly unenthusiastic approach to my Pally the main switch is currently a go! I have been filling my hunters stable now that he can have almost 30 pets so that has been fun. My next pet: Monkey :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Better late then Never

The Plaguelands I Knew You When...

I hope everyone enjoyed my guest post as much as I did, Grimm is not only a good friend but I feel one of the most entertaining bloggers working today. I waited until now to let his post sit at the top so as many people as possible could read it and because you all know by now I am a lazy lazy blogger and deep in the waiting for Cataclysm to drop already.

So let's get started!

The runners up

I have not been playing as long as my friend Grimm as I started right as Burning Crusade started. I was willing to include lands from both continents because I have grown quite fond of the old world. I am a leveler at heart and have spent quite a lot of time there. I have a few in my mind that really stick out though

- Azuremyst Isle. Having leveled a toon to 80 with every alliance race and all the horde ones at least through the starting area, I have got to give Blizzard a hand. They saw what worked and what didn't and made their newest starting areas an amazingly more concise and enjoyable ride getting you out into the world. I was so fond of Azuremyst I actually take any new alliance toon I start there
- Dun Morogh. This is probably mostly because I started my first toon there but I always remember how I felt the first time I came up to Ironforge a castle in the mountain just seemed so amazing and all the dwarves are so much more engaging as NPC's to me, but that just might be the laugh.
- Feralas. If I had not leveled a horde toon through there this might not have been close because its awfully skimpy for alliance but its such an amazing zone to go through and the contrast from thousand needles on one end and the giants on the coast on the other end really got me.

But the winner is

The Plaguelands are going to be lumped together in this case because they are so intertwined and have so many crossing paths and quests that you can't really separate them fairly. My first toon was my pally and I leveled him up as ret when ret was still mostly a joke. I ran a few dungeons with my small guild of friends but as they were all used to the old game I was stuck healing all the time. I actually didn't mind but that's another story, my whole opinion of what my toon could do changed when I got to the Plaguelands, I had a fear I could use I had exorcism and holy wrath I all of the sudden was a one man wrecking machine killing undead at a pace I never imagined possible. I probably leveled 50 to 53 strictly killing undead in the Eastern Plaguelands I was enthralled and will always remember how much fun that was.
Secondly I will always remember my first trip to Eastern Plaguelands my friend and I who played together a lot while we were leveling were exploring in the Hinterlands at level 45 and we found the hidden trail to the plaguelands and saw a lake so we figured we better swim across see whats on the other side. We ran into a 55 Spider ( a skull to us though) and what basically became our first raid boss he was a shaman and me on my pally we took turns healing each other and beating on the thing and he used his ankh and I ran back from the graveyard from across the pond but we slayed the spider we didn't know its level and we bragged about it for a long time that might be my favorite accomplishment of all time in game since neither of us really knew what we were doing .
Undead, can I even say enough about that I love to kill me some zombies :)

Chromie, Even if I didn't know she was a dragon I was drawn to her time paradox ideas

Araj the Summoner, How many times have you killed him. I would stop by at 70 and help people kill him I enjoyed it so much. He was such a challenge surrounded by so much mess. I always found particular joy in being able to pick off stuff around him until I cleared a path.

Capturing the last tower in the Western Plaguelands and flying back on the ghostly gryphon's, always had a fun time with the towers on our old PVP server

The outdoor raid in Darrowshire was amazing, I don't know if its still there or not I doubt it but I had so much fun even outleveling it as the massive groups of horde came down and tried to take us out. It was just me and one other guy but you could rez and come back into the fight so we just got back in the fight after the couple times we died.

So there you have it my favorite zone which as of today is no longer the same any more. I will miss it but I always have my fond memories :)

K Out!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Extra Special Guest Post

Remembering Westfall
By way of introductions

Hiya! My name's Grimmtooth; I have a blog, which is how I first met Mr. K. It's a long story, but the upshot is that, through that blog, my guild found a tank (and friends), and K found a new home. From the moment he first ripped off his shirt and hollered IT'S CLOBBERING TIME, BISHES as he flung his Captain America at Marrowgar, we knew we had found a soulmate.

So what ya doing over here, Grimm?

Glad you asked, odd voice in my head!

This blog post marks K's 200th, and he did me the very great honor of asking me to contribute a guest piece to help commemorate that occasion. When asked what kind of post he had in mind, he thought about it and then replied that he thought that it would be good to consider our favorite zones, the two of us, here in the twilight before the Cataclysm changes everything. I thought that was a great idea.

So let's get started!

The runners up

There are actually so many lovely zones to choose from, but right off the bat I'm going to rule out anything on Kalimdor proper, because my stars and garters, they hate us over there. Ferelas gets extra points for the fail that is the ferry to Feathermoon.
Outland and Northrend are ruled out for now since they're not going to get the whammy, though if they were, Nagrand and Zul'drak would be in the running.
Looking at what is called the Eastern Kingdoms, here are the contenders and why they didn't make it.
  • Plaguelands (both) – I love the lore. I have less love for the FP placement, though WPL improved moderately a couple of patches ago, in that respect.
  • Loch Modan – if not for the unfortunate placement of the lone flight point, this would have won, hands down. The Valley of Kings was my blog header for years.
  • Duskwood – another favorite, yet again the flight point just makes it a pain for everyone. And that big empty subzone in the middle means you go around for just about anything. Still, it was close.
  • Stranglethorn – even with all the annoyances that this zone produces, it will live forever in story and song. Honestly, it would have made the cut if it wasn't for the fact that we're all sick of looking at it after around 20 or so levels.

And the winner is

Westfall comes perilously close to being knocked off the list due to the location of its sole flight point, but only if you fail to realize that Sentinel Hill really isn't in the southern end of the zone – it actually is kinda central to the zone.This is the first serious zone you hit as a newbie human, and eventually I ensured all my toons hit this zone up when appropriate. So much to see and do and so many rewards! Here are a few of the high points for me.

  • Practically serves as a second flight point for Duskwood – a lot easier to fly there and hike over to Raven Hill than it is to go overland from Darkshire.
  • No serious travel obstacles. You don't have to go around things like lakes or big empty subzones with elite green dragons in them. Going from quest hub to quest hub is pretty much a straight line.
  • Central to the theme unifying the four southern Alliance zones (the Defias).
  • This is likely where your caster's first wand will drop.
  • Great for skilling herbalism, fishing, cooking, tailoring, and mining!
  • The first instance (by design) that Alliance toons will see, Deadmines sets the bar high and holds up well against stiff competition.
  • Murlocs! Lots and lots of murlocs! I swear, by the time you finish this zone, "Mrrrrrglgrlgrlglrgl!" will set you right off.
  • Just about a perfect fit for the target level, though some quests are a little antiquated now.
  • The Messenger – one of the few times you see your fellow players playing cooperatively and calling him out when they see him.
  • Escorting the Traitor

    – one of the few escort quests I appreciate – once you start the quest, just call out that you're inbound and you'll likely find nothing alive in Moonbrook by the time you get there. I imagine this would be different on a PvP server since Horde can probably grief you.

Looking forward to after the Cataclysm, I know this zone gets some love. I think they finally finished putting that roof on, and possibly they ran out of Murloc eyes. The Twilight guys also appear to have blown it big-time in the mines. But, otherwise, this zone looks to remain a central part of Alliance questing.

Hopefully, changes to Loch Modan will make that zone as central to the Dwarven story as this zone is to the Human.
PS. Next post will be my follow up - K

Friday, October 15, 2010

Quick Note

I have been in game a little bit this week. Just trying to take it all in. I haven't even logged in on my pally yet. Only my Boomkin is fully gemmed, talented, glyphed, regemmed and reforged. I am not sure all of those are exactly the way I want them and I have to get new boot made because a while back I had the cloth boots made and now with Leather Specialization I am missing out on that boost, but without really knowing what I was doing I dropped almost 10k on Raz in the weekly. I think once I get my rotation down well I will really be blowing stuff up big time. I have logged onto my shammy, mage, hunter, and priest as well and am in the process of getting them ready to do stuff but I haven't even logged into my pally, warrior, dk, or warlock. The warlocks and pallys in guild have not been very happy about there toons so I have been a little tentative. I don't play my warrior or dk much so no hurry there lol. I have plusses and minuses on the new things but I'm not ready to get real in depth with it I will just leave you with two thoughts.

XP from herbing, I kind of like it but in a way it feels like a bit too much I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.
I am a huge fan of reforging. I think it might be a little too cheap cause for 10 gold that is a no brainer, and I kind of thought it would be something that you would need to work for but I'm not gonna complain because it is working out great for me :)
Thats all for now
K Out!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Question: How will I feel if we don't kill the Lich King before Cata

Yes I know everybodys killed Lich King already besides me what have I been doing. Well with our inconsistent raid team, our very small raiding window and having never extended a raid, we have only gotten 9/12 and have taken a couple shots at Blood Queen. Now this isn't a knock on my team we do the best we can with what we've got, but its getting pretty close to the finish line and unless we get real serious real quick we are probably not going to get the Lich King down before its expansion time. Now as ICC is the first raid I have been in where I have been working current content I don't have a lot of complaining to do. I am blessed to have found such a great home when I was basically looking to start over fresh. I like to think I have been a good contributor, and that my guild is as glad to have me as I am to be apart of their group. There are some really good players in our guild and we have some amazing people who keep every day online entertaining. I don't think there could possibly be a better place for me. I get just the right amount of raiding and free time. We are not hard core but we put forth a great effort when we do take our shots. I guess to answer my own question I will be happy to have given it my shot and be thankful I was at least having a good time all the way there. I would never have imagined even being this close when my old guild just gave up when we had a little trouble with Gluth. I have seen a lot of Ulduar, as much of ToC as I want, lol, and killed most of the bosses in ICC. Its been an amazing run and I think with all this experience we might make some real noise in Cataclysm.
Well thanks for humoring me.
K Out!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Been busy and still not much new

I know my posting has really fallen off lately. I started a temp job which has been great but has left me drained and I'd rather just play or watch a movie or something then think about posting and I have always said "Post when you want to!" Which I stand by for myself too. We did down Princes last night so that was fun we brought someone with some experience so that helped quite a bit. They did have a different strategy on Putricide then we usually use that took up most of our night figuring out. I was pretty disappointed in that actually and I think it was partially that other persons fault on our first wipe because they didn't work with our strategy which has been getting pretty close to a one shot the last few weeks for us. Now I bet we'll be slogging through this different strategy slowing us down for a few weeks. I have been trying really hard to get through the first sets of bosses really quickly so we can really put in some good attempts on the fights we need work on. Well we'll see how it goes thats about all I got typeatyalater
K Out!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm Alive!!

I just haven't had that urge to spill my guts to the interwebz. I have a new temp job that makes me get up early (for me) in the morning and thats been sapping my energy. Our raiding has xontinued for the most part we are 8/12 in group 1, and just moved to 6/12 in group 2. There some mixing of the groups from our original group 1 but its been pretty productive. My mage Eatfloor made 80 over the weekend giving me 9 80's every class but rogue. Considering my highest level rogue is currently a level 2 bank alt that doesn't appear to be changing any time soon. I have found that leveling is what continues to draw me in. I get burnt out on leveling here and there but I always seem to find a way to get caught up in another alts trip to the endgame. I think my 73 hunter will soon be my first class with 2 80's. I have been a huge fan of hunters for a long time. I have 6 or 7 on various servers between 19 and 80. I used to be really into researching what pets had what skills to be taught what pets you had to catch to train your current pets. I understand why they simplified the process but it really gutted a lot of the work I put in on my first hunter and when they classed pets up it seems like all the pets I liked were nerfed or changed and I've never gotten back into my original hunter since then I do love leveling them and pvping with them though. Having a pet with you seems so much more RPG to me and it seems much more immersive when I am leveling my hunters. I don't really have any set goals I'm trying to achieve in game. I want to finish ICC or at least get to the Lick King before Cata. If I see the fight I think that would be enough for me. All my toons are leveled up. I am working on gearing my 5th or 6th alt which gets old pretty fast and I am trying to get into pvp but I just haven't gotten that spark lately maybe being on a PVE server has quenched my rage for the horde. There was always a lot of need to pvp after getting ganked while leveling that I just don't fear anymore. I hope that they have more Wintergrasp like elements in Cataclysm as its really been the only pvp I've done on any kind of regular basis in this expansion. Well I guess I had a few things to say after all. :)
K Out!

Friday, July 30, 2010

I've been trying to finish Reg Halls Of Reflection on my warlock

He doesn't have good enough gear to get in heroic according to lfg so I was trying to do it on regular to finish the quest chain. I got in a group we killed the first 2 bosses easily enough and the shield didn't drop so of course the tank bailed so he could re-queue. a couple of us waited 10 minutes or so, but when we didn't get anyone it fell apart. So I re-queued. I got the same tank with a whole different group. Blow through the first 2 bosses, no shield, he drops group again. Now this time I was with a very patient group. Everyone waited 35 minutes and we didn't get another tank, so everyone said thanks but I've got other things to do. I really appreciated that and they were great we talked about a bunch of stuff while we were waiting, they were a great group. I understand why the tank did it. but I would just like to put this out there. Its only another 10 minutes max, you really could help out everyone else and maybe get some good karma points for yourself towards getting the shield to drop.
K Out!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

No news is the S.O.P.

We are still working on ICC and I am still playing a wide variety of my toons. I have my mage almost 78 and am having a blast having my Boomkin over here. I even got my boomkin in our 2nd raid team. He does some pretty good dps if I do say so. I also healed in tree spec with him for the first time ever. It was on festergut. I hadn't actually healed on my druid since a failed heroic at 70 while still boomkin specced. We were having some trouble keeping the tanks up so I offered my newly dual-specced services. It worked out but I really didn't feel like I was that needed once I was there. It seemed really easy although we barely beat the enrage so my dps was missed :) Just plugging away having fun and killing stuff.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Its funny I thought I was a little burnt out

It turns out all I needed to do was transfer my Boomkin over and it cured all my ills. Its weird because it has gotten me playing all my other toons more too. I have been running more in the last week then I think I had in the three weeks previous. We started our second raid team up again and I got my priest in there it was kind of fun. I now have 6 80's on the server and my mage is 77 making great progress through. I am so glad you can start the tournament at 77 it really helps make for speedy leveling. My mage already has 50 triumph emblems thanks to the daily random dungeon. I have been leveling frost and I am going to keep a frost spec because right now it just works so well for me. I am consistently hitting 2200-2400 dps at 77 Deep Freeze really makes Frost a strong spec and I have gotten crits as high as 12000 with it already. I like big numbers :)

PS when you haven't been in ToC 10 for a few months it can be brutal when they put the weekly in there.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's not that easy to gear up your alts.

Well it is but trying to do the heroic grind on some of my alts just makes me not want to play. I did a little math and to get the 4 piece t9 and the triumph helm it would take you 59 heroic dungeons to get that done. I can barely do one or two before I start losing my marbles I've done them all so many times. Normally this leads me to playing my alts but now that they are all in Northrend its more of the same dungeons I've run so many times I just can't do them anymore and quests I've done 5 or 6 times that don't interest me right now. I have 4 71-76 alts I don't really feel like playing much and 8 80's 3 who don't really need gear and 5 that need so much it gets frustrating thinking about grinding out more. So yes epics may be falling from the sky but just because they are doesn't make getting them really that fast or very much fun. I almost feel like I should start an arena team like I did in BC but I haven't been doing any pvp so I don't have any pvp gear and thinking about grinding for it well see above lol. I do miss bg's a little bit so maybe I will do a little pvp and see if that feels more fun.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quick note: A link to the PPI's post on Forum Real-ID Requirement

There is a great discussion going on here. I hope you can take the time to read and if you feel like it post what you think of this. I am against having to use Real-ID to post on the forums. I know there are many reasons why this isn't good and I hope Blizzard sees how wrong this is.

Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm a little mad at Blizzard

They taunted me with the Frigid Frostling. I got it on my Druid on my old server the first day of the holiday. I just play him because he's one of my favorite toons and I have an insane amount of fun being a boomkin. I didn't transfer him because I still wanted to have one decently geared toon over there to be able to run stuff with a few of my friends who still have toons there. So anyway got the frigid frostling first day, and then proceeded to run it on my main everyday for the rest of the holiday (except for this weekend as I was out of town visiting friends and attending a wedding, and had a great time). Of course no luck. I also missed a day when Blizzard had our server down for 24 hours (thanks for doing that during a holiday, grrr). Now I am not crazy pet collector or anything but I have spent a good amount of time collecting them and have 57 pets (some of you probably think that is crazy, but trust me I know someone who is upset there is not an achievement for 125 pets). I was collecting pets before the had the cool pet tab and had a bag with a bunch of pets in it and carried some of my favorites with me all the time. I even used to have a thing where I would bring out mini-wing when were having a hard time because it almost always brought us good luck. So nothing game breaking by any means but it is a cool pet and I was just disappointed that I couldn't get it this year. I will more than likely still be playing next year but hey you never know(TOR could have a mighty pull).

Monday, June 28, 2010

Speaking of Birthdays....

Today happens to be mine. Had an excellent T-bone dinner last night mmm... I did have to miss the raid for it but whats that we're always bound to say "RL more important" TM. Hoping today I can just kick back and relax a little. Hope everyone else out there gets a little time to relax too on another Monday.
K Out!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Next time I make plans to post more remind me not to pick the end of June

The end of June happens to coincide with me knowing 14(maybe more) people with birthdays in a 3 week period, plus I am going to a wedding next weekend so I have a ton of free time on my hands right. My Moms birthday was last week, three days after Fathers day and so I keep a busy end of June schedule. I know this so really its my own fault. I have not even hardly logged into WOW since Wednesday. I ran Ahune to try for the pet a couple times which thanks to the new LFD tool takes like 3 minutes. No luck but another week left so I'll keep trying.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I know I mentioned non-raiding posts coming but...

We got Putricide down woot! The only 2 standing at the end were me and the OT Gracus. But it took an amazing effort from everyone involved to get there. We had a couple 1-2% wipes and we knew we had it. Phase 3 with all that slime is just a crazy mess. We are talking about taking a shot at Dreamwalker on Sunday. Very productive week for us :)

Grats Bunnies 7/12!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Dungeon Frost Lord!!

Adding the holiday boss to the LFD is awesome in my opinion. I killed the frost lord on 6 of my toons yesterday. I want to get my mage in but you have to be 78 and he is only 76 so I will have to push a little harder than I like. I have basically been leveling my mage one JC daily and one random dungeon a day. He already has like 44 triumph emblems. My mage has done almost all the other achievements for this holiday so if I can get him in I will have another Flame Warden which in my opinion is one of the coolest titles in the game. I keep it on my druid all the time. I was lucky enough to get the ice shard in the bag of my druid so he got the rock elemental pet who is really cool looking. I hope I can get it on my pally because he is my designated pet hoarder with maybe 60 pets and counting (although I have a friend who has 130+ I am never going to catch her). I got the patch update today. I am curious whether the new raid is really ready to go. I am a sucker for new content :)
Quick note: Happy Birthday to Gracus and Lafrentz in my guild they both have their birthday on the same day (today)!!
K Out!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A post on Bloggers I miss.

I have been clearing out my feed-reader lately so I can add some more blogs to it and I have some I just can't remove no matter how long its been. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the Bloggers I miss just a few that I really enjoyed.

Mortigan The Lock.
For those of you that read Mortigan for the short time he was blogging you know he had a unique voice and was really hilarious. His post on rules of raiding was a widespread success. His blog is no longer up, and one of his last posts had to do with having a new addition to his family so I hope all is well with him.

WTFspaghetti - A Random Warcraft Blog
This blog was the one that actually got me to level my shaman. Always an awesome read. I hope they start posting again sometime. I miss the sense of humor and the people that commented always kept good post discussions going.

No More /Cheer.
Another blog that is gone from blogger I don't know what happened but the whole blog is gone. This was one of the bloggers who was one of my first commenter's and always had great comments and was very nice. Also had great posts too.

I know there are many more bloggers who have come and gone and some of them have also been great and amazing but as a blogger with a smaller following its the ones that I was an avid reader and commenter and always got great responses from them that I miss the most. Always know if your out there that your welcome back anytime.
K Out!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

We're getting there

We got Putricide to 16% last night. I think we will probably get him down next week if we blow through the first part as fast as we have been. I actually took my shaman in this week through the first 5 bosses. I got a ton of offspec gear lol. I did get a nice staff to use for a while too. I think I'm gonna start posting more regularly here too. I've started to get some ideas for posts and I want to get them all down before I forget them.
K Out!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Well we've seen Putricide and Dreamwalker. We Died lol

We are working on Putricide and we got him somewhere around 50% on Thursday so we're getting there. Its an interesting fight with a lot of movement and avoiding stuff. Tanking him isn't to difficult once you figure out when to move him. I try to throw some damage at the oozes as I go by to position him on the other side. We just took a quick look at Dreamwalker, we were not prepared the adds come in on that fight fast and furious. We are really going to have to get a good system of priority on killing the adds. On a side note I haven't seen a drop in a couple weeks the two things I would like just don't seem to want to drop for me lol. I might get a chance to bring my shammy into the raid next week if everybodys on. That will be fun. I don't even care if I get any gear or anything I just want to see what I can do.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who needs a life or My 8th 80

Its been a week or so but there she is. My only female toon over 19 lol. I will soon have an 80 of every class besides rogue (pshw we will speak of them no more) as my mage is 74. All you have to do is get layed off for a while and you too can have a boatload of 80's (not recommended). It took me quite a while to get my warrior to 80 as she was one of my first toons I created but it just never clicked with me until more recently and when a toon falls behind they don't get nearly as much attention as your main does. I have got her able to tank the easy heroics and run random on her every couple of days but with my Pally, Shammy, and Priest all very well geared they get the most attention and consideration for raid spots. I currently have no plans to push her into ubergeared territory. Most of my leveling will be put into my mage or my druid depending on what I feel like at the time. I also have my second hunter at 73 and my second alliance dk at 71 and my horde dk at 74 .I am getting a little burnt out on Northrend leveling honestly. There is a good variety and some fun quests but I hit the low to mid 70's and I just don't even want to login on those toons lol. Mostly I'll just do a random and maybe a daily or a quest or two while I wait and then switch. My horde dk has been on the bench for three months now as my friend and I that level together over there have not logged into them for a while. Tonight some more fun in ICC maybe we'll even kill Putricide(here's for hoping). Have fun out there everybody!
K Out!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I am Replaceable. But I'm not too worried about it

I missed my first raid tonight since I transferred over here. I had a family get together and Tuesdays are the only night my Mom and her sisters can get to work. They got just as far without me as we usually do. Now I don't think they are going to replace me by any means. I think I bring a lot of good things to the raid team (not to brag, I'm just saying). I actually had mentioned rotating some other tanks in since I had gotten exalted with the Ashen Verdict. It would be interesting to see some of the fights instead of just looking at boss crotch or running from ooze lol. I also think its good to give some more people experienced in case someone can't make it, that keeps us from having to bail on a raid night. So good job with out me guys! I knew you could do it.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rotface Down!! 6/12 in ICC10

It took a couple tries (we been working on him for a couple weeks now, lol), but he's down. We even poked Putricide in the nose a couple times to see what he was like. One of the really good things I think about taking ICC at our own pace it is that we are nowhere near looking at burnout yet. I see a bunch of bloggers complaining about it and I can understand if you are in a pro guild and plowed through everything then that could happen. I would much rather be doing it this way. We are having a great time (at least I am), and we get to spend a few nights a week with our friends killing bosses. I think we even have a legitimate shot at LK before Cata comes out. Will it be before the 35% buff, I don't know, but I don't care. So sure that will mean we are not as pro as the guilds that have done it already but as hard as some of these fights are I am going to be ecstatic no matter when it happens. So many of these fights are coordination and timing fights anyway that the gear only goes so far. So good job team!! We are kicking *** and taking names in our own way!

King of the World......of Warcraft

I had a rocket pack how could I not do it?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Nothing new to report, but we are still at it

Well. We got Rotface down to 24% so we are making a little progress there, and team 2 is going back into Ulduar on Monday to see if we can make a push towards finishing it. So we have had some good raiding going on. We basically spent most of last night wiping on Rotface which can be kind of frustrating. I am tanking the oozes and I am starting to get better at it. I really need to find a better way to build the next big ooze after one explodes. I seem to do okay the first time but after the second ooze explodes we seem to get little oozes everywhere and I can't corral them. I watched a couple videos and might try something different next time. If anyone else out there knows a good strategy please feel free to elaborate. I'm all ears.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Team 2 rocks Ulduar!!

We started a second raid team this week working some undergeared toons and alts in Ulduar. It was a ton of fun. Seeing some of the fights in there from the dps side is way different. I think everybody had a good time and we pushed through the first 2 sections and the crazy cat lady in one night. I think our team 2 may do something our team one never got to do finish Ulduar. Which would be awesome because I would really like a chance to see the Yogg fight. I've heard that it is an insane fight and I am actually looking forward to seeing if we can do it. Tomorrow ICC and another chance to kill Rotface!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quick Note: Festergut down Rotface not so much :)

We had an off night on Tuesday so we didn't get Saurfang down and we started a little late today but after taking out Saurfang on try 2 we took the first one of the ugly twins down. It took us a couple tries but its not really too bad. We only had enough time for one try on 'ol Rotface, lets just say it wasn't pretty. We are thinking about going back in later this weekend though to try to kill him. We haven't successfully gotten a third night in ICC yet so if we do this could be a major week for us. I am really proud of the team and would like to send out a big Woot to Tarna who OT'd in the stead of our normal OT and to Pintail who just transferred over this week and helped us down a new boss. Thanks a lot we couldn't have done it without you!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm still Alive!!

Yes, still out there, we have been limited the last couple weeks with people not being available. Including myself as I had to move last week and only logged in once, which was really odd for me. I should be getting back to a more consistent schedule here soon. I also wanted to make a quick note welcoming some of my former guildies to the Bunnies. Drusky, and Pintail welcome, I think someone else is considering the move as well. Hopefully this will help us shore up our team and keep us from getting shorthanded on raid nights. I think they will enjoy being able to run some stuff they haven't had a chance to see yet as well. We are planning on getting them through some of Naxx and Ulduar to help get them acclimated to the current raiding game. Should be good times all around.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

So Festergut is interesting

We've only taken a couple of shots at him so I don't really know what we're doing but we have had a couple of decent tries so it shouldn't take us too long. I am done chasing upgrades currently. I have gotten both the tanking crafted pieces done from the primordial saronite. I am broke and none of my toons have any Frost emblems anymore but it was worth it. I am not very squishy at all and I like it. I have been very lucky with drops out of ICC10 and have gotten everything I've wanted. I might try to get in a 25 pug just to see how it goes, I'm not a big fan of 25's or pugs for that matter lol but sometimes seeing things from a different perspective can give you some good insights.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Or Not, maybe next week

Well we were going to try new stuff but we didn't have enough people. We need some more gear off the first wing anyways so we'll streamline our process there and see what we can do going forward.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tomorrow we take on new stuff

We took down Saurfang again on Tuesday with a little more difficulty then last time but I think it was mostly our cocky attitudes and bad luck with our tree getting marked two tries in a row. We will be moving into the innards of the spire so to speak and taking on some new stuff so I hope we have fun with it and get some good tries in on some new bosses. It sure would be cool to get Festergut down. We'll see how it goes.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sometimes a picture is all you need

This is what happens when you mix a holiday event with too much time on your hands

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We finally killed the Roadblock

YES!! Saurfang is dead at our feet. Sometimes after weeks of trying it just clicks and we one-shotted the bastard. Good job to everyone and I'm sure we'll move on and make even more progress.
K Out!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Updated rollcall: My toons or Critting you with a Walloftext

JuI thought I would start off with my Nath toons. My 80's Chowyunfat, Iamthetick, Newguy, Psychostick, Septictank. I barely log in on any of them anymore. Maybe once a month or so mostly out of nostalgia. I also have a 78 warrior Warriorbarbi, and a 71 mage Happymadison. I do plan to get them to 80 (or 85 depending on how long it takes, lol) just to know what every class besides rogue plays like at endgame (My highest rogue was 18 I just don't enjoy the playstyle). I think it helps to know what the other classes are capable of and gives me a better idea what they can bring to an encounter. I also really like leveling, it is one of my favorite parts of the game exploring and questing and sometimes just mindlessly killing for xp. When my employment situation gets more settled I intend to transfer Newguy, Psychostick, Warriorbabri, and Happymadison over to Alleria. I really don't want to level another priest and I miss having a higher level mage, and warlock, I also wouldn't mind having a tailor and an engineer since leveling those is kind of a pain.

Okay, so on to the real toons.
Mistrk: My tank, my original toon, the one who gets the majority of my attention. He is ready to kill Deathbringer Saurfang, my gear is right where I want it. the number of upgrades I am really looking for is very small, just the necklace off of Marrowgar, the bracers from the
aforementioned roadblock and just getting the 95 frost emblems for my next piece of t10 and farming primordial saronite on my other toons to craft the boots(1 down 4 to go). I have worked really hard to get to where I am with him now and I can't honestly think of an encounter I couldn't tank if given the chance.

Youbetcha: Formerly Surething on Nath my shammy is getting decently geared pushing some solid 3k+ dps for an alt, and is also a lot of fun, Lava burst crits can put a smile on your face when they go for 12k, he is my primary primordial saronite farmer right now since he is my only other 80 on Alleria but hopefully that won't be for too much longer.

Iamthetick: Version 2.0(I know fail on originality but I just like then name and I was sure I wasn't going to transfer the other one so) He is now level 70, I have started working him through Northrend but its going slower than I would like because I am really tired of leveling through Northrend. randoms help but at the low 70's you are stuck doing UK over and over again, ughh.

Lilangrydude: My DK is 71 and I am slowly leveling him as my second tank(third if you count warriorbabri, but she's on hiatus right now, lol). He is also my JC so I do get that daily done every day, he already has three epic patterns so that is going well. I am enjoying tanking with him right now because its pretty easy and most people appreciate seeing a good DK tank because they are the primary bad tank out there. Not that they are all bad it just seems more bad tank situations turn out to be DK's who just want a faster queue time but don't really know what they are doing.

Rootandnuke: My druid is moving fast (heirloom gear is crazy at the lower levels, 5 levels in a day is easy without really trying. Honestly I just like druids, they offer so many different options they just are fun. I only really enjoy being a boomkin though so hopefully I can get to that level quickly and get to the point where I am not oom all the time.

Septicktank: The only other toons I play at all are on Bloodscalp. I don't put a ton of time in over there but occasionally my friend Tom and I will level our High level horde toons together. we are both 74 and really looking forward to finishing the Wrathgate questline from the Horde perspective. My DK over here is purely damage as my friend has a warrior tank. makes for clearing content ultra quick with both of us.

Ibeatarse: My 44 horde hunter is an anomaly I wanted to level a horde toon and I am a big fan of hunters so he is a lot of fun. One thing about playing him though is I don't know where anything is on the hordeside so its way slower leveling. I go in spurts with him, but eventually he'll get leveled up because I am crazy.

Well thats the 14 toons I have put any real effort into. I have 40 created toons between 10 servers most of the others range from 1 to 10 as bank alts or toons to check out other servers. A couple are for when my other servers are down but that is a lot more rare than it used to be. Thinking about it the realms are way more stable then they used to be a couple years ago, looking at it I have a 14 on a server that used to up when Nath was down. I totally forgot about him. Its interesting to really look at all the toons you have out there when you have crazy altitis like I do.

Well that was extensive and a good look back. We are taking a shot at the roadblock tonight. I watched a couple videos to see some strategy's and so hopefully there will be a post tomorrow of our awesome victory (Yes and SS or it didn't happen lol).
K Out!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I miss having more 80's

I used to have 6 80's on my old server. If I still had that I would have the primordial Saronite I need really quickly. I only have 2 and it is taking forever to get the frost emblems I need for those things. If I was working regularly I would transfer a couple more toons over but I just can't justify that with my finances the way they are. I do have a couple toons over 68 now so I will have 4 80's very soon and that will help I powerleveled their professions too so that they could supplement my needs. I now have max level Alchemy, Inscription, Herbalism, Mining, Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, and Enchanting(2 of them are herbalists because I am trying to make the darkmoon cards). I am really glad I moved to this server I have done things I never would have imagined if I hadn't (My old guild could not kill Gluth in Naxx). I am now knocking on the door of clearing the first wing in ICC. I have also made a ton of friends in my new guild and am really enjoying the game as much as I ever have. I did run a couple heroics with a couple people from my old guild Monday night. It was fun I hadn't gotten a chance to talk to them in a while and it was just good to hang out with them. Somethings never change though, I was looking at the one guys gems and he has totally fallen in love with crit gems. I even looked at some of his other toons and he has geared all his dps toons in crit gems. Its the strangest thing I've ever seen. I don't miss that at all. I know its just a game and maybe I take it a little too serious sometimes, but I play because I want to accomplish goals and to do that you kind of have to know what you're doing to maximize your toons potential. Some of my old guild members didn't feel it was necessary to do any checking on how to gear their toons. I think my next post will be a toon update. I have not done one in a while and some things are way different from the last time.

K Out!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saurfang is a Douche

Its not really that bad. I'm just bitter. The new job didn't work out and not being able to kill Saurfang didn't make my day any better. I am working towards my first piece of crafted gear from the ashen verdict now so that's nice. If anybody out there has any pointers I would be all ears :).

K Out!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Well, the Saurfang fight is interesting

We are making some steady progress through ICC10 our group has had some really good nights in there. We finally killed the lady and did the jet-pack boat ride (best fight so far). I am starting a new job tomorrow, so that's cool. I'm slightly nervous but it should be good. I have to figure out what my new work schedule is gonna be because it might affect my raiding schedule, not sure yet though. I wanted to give my 2 cents on why I prefer 10mans to 25mans. I find the fights to be tuned much tighter and I think it builds such good team unity when you get through it, especially since we only run 10mans. I haven't seen a 25 man since Naxx and Sarth and honestly I don't miss it at all. Now if our guild did get bigger and wanted to try 25mans I wouldn't go "No way I don't do that" I'd give it a try for sure but pugging 25's just because they have better loot doesn't appeal to me at all. Well thats all I had on that.
K out!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just a quick note

If you don't read Darraxus you definitely should. His latest post almost made me fall out of my chair. Enjoy
K Out!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

We did it!!

We killed Marrowgar! I feel it is an awesome achievement for our guild and its members. It makes me very proud to be a member of Ordo Cuniculi Vorpali (Go Bunnies!!) Knowing that as a group we worked together and got him down was just awesome. I think this is just the thing to get us rolling knowing we can do it. It took us three nights to really iron out our strategy but on night 2 we got him down to 29k on our last try so we were pretty sure we could get him. This is why I transferred servers so I could experience things in game like this. I know we are not challenging the top guilds or anything but to be raiding current content and having fun doing it has just been awesome. I was even lucky enough to walk away with some shiny loot. So great work Bunnies and thanks for having me aboard!
K Out!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back again

Did my daily random on my shammy and got in a VH hold run. Easy right? well when someone starts it and the tank is dc'ed it gets sorta rough. Well we had a DK so he kinda tanked through wave 6. I say kinda because he wouldn't switch to frost presence so the Boomkin and I kept pulling aggro. halfway through the core-hound boss the Boomkin died and I had all the ag so I dropped my rock guy and started healing him and we beat it. We had voted to kick the dc'ed tank at wave four so we were in queue but no reinforcements showed and the DK bailed right after the boss. well our holy pally healer started tanking then (held ag way better than the DK too lol). After wave 7 the boomkin bailed so it was just me and Toz of Alexstraza. An awesome Holy paladin if there ever was one we 2-manned wave 7-10 until reinforcements arrived. I kept rooting them with my earthbind totem and doing damage whenever I could we were healing each other and just kept working away at them. So here's to you Toz, I wish you many good drops and easy pugs.


I've had some post ideas but nothing has really struck me so I have just left it. We have started clearing Voa weekly. The new boss isn't too hard we usually lose a couple people each try but that's just because we are basically right at the dps level for clearing it so the damage buff is pretty high when we get him down. I have been spending most of the rest of my game time on my alts. My Shaman is 76 and is easily pulling 2k dps on bosses, lava burst is crazy damage. I have also got my hunter to 45. Having played hunters on 4 servers it makes the leveling process really easy. I also want to get him leveled up so I can have an alchemist. I miss having an alchemist and its too expensive to transfer all your toons. My DK is also moving up. I got him to 66 and have been pushing his JC and enchanting soon he'll start getting his JC dailies done and start learning valuable patterns to help save me tons of gold a the AH. Scrolls of enchant are a huge moneymaker on the AH too. Its given me my biggest cushion in a while. Thats pretty much it just a small update.
K Out!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I like getting Triumph badges before 80

There has not been any huge things going on in guild lately. The last couple of weeks its been get the weekly done and ..... Well we have done a few other things, my friend finally got his Champion of The Frozen Wastes title this week because he finally killed KT, yep KT never had gotten a full clear done before. He's even been further in ToC than me, I've seen him run against the Twin Valkyr and I've never been that far but he had never gotten in Naxx when it was the thing to do because well our guild was pretty raid dysfunctional back then (hence the new guild, Long live the Bunnies). Also we did Voa for the first time since I've transferred servers, I think they had some issues with it before I was here and I can understand that I remember having some fun pug encounters when Emalon first came out but its no big deal now with all the uber-gear and having a good strategy. So it was good to get in there and get some gear for some folks. So anyways I've been running my lowbie toons a lot more the last few weeks and once your able to get into Northrend dungeons you start getting emblems of triumph from the first random you do in a day so I have been getting quite a few of those on my shaman and on my warrior on my old server. I have been tanking a lot on my newest DK and on my warrior. It is way different from my pally. The DK is so dependant on death and decay that sometimes I have to wait til the cooldown is up so I can go on which you can tell that some of the dps will get all antsy on you and start pulling for you. My normal strategy for this though is just to let them die. I sometimes have to tell my healer that though because some of them are so good they can keep them alive even if I am trying to let them die. My warrior on the other hand is really good at snap aggro but it is much more of a struggle holding groups over time thunderclap is great for initial threat but it doesn't give you that constant threat of a consecrate or death and decay which leaves me doing a lot of cleaving and target switching to throw devastates out there. I can really see how warriors could be the kings of carpal tunnel from tanking. Well those are just my thoughts on the current happenings with me.
K Out!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Still around

Not much to report really. We haven't really run anything in guild lately other than bashing our head against the wall in ICC10 and some adventures in heroics. I have been running some heroics and leveling some toons but not much exciting to report. I have a feeling though that we might make some progress this week. I should be getting my ring with the Ashen Verdict this week and I think we have a good group so before to long we'll start making some good progress and have some good boss kill stories going on.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I hate Heroic Halls of Reflection

I know strong words right. That place just gets my hackles all in an uproar. the trash is just vicious and there is not even a second to think before the next group spawns. I am basically ratcheted up for 10 waves of brain frying pressure. Now I really like tanking and having a challenge is all well and good but that place just...


Sorry I just had to get that out. I don't know what it is exactly that gets me but it seems like something goes wrong at just the wrong time every time I'm there. Somethings on cooldown or somebody pulls ag before I can get them, and if they get by me anybody else can easily be 1-2 shotted and consecrate doesn't do enough when they simply run on it for a second. Then that stupid hunter will disengage out and start shooting my healer and the mage will see someone and not come to the corner and will sit back there and blast away. Alright I don't even want to think about it anymore

Beer is good
Beer is good
Beer is good
and stuff!!

By a band called Psychostick. Its a good one. I needed that. OK I'm better now. I am starting to enjoy some of the more challenging aspects of the new heroics. I have even started using some CC here and there to smooth out the process a bit here and there. I know that they listen now because all you could here about was the death of CC from the blogosphere for the last year so what did they do for these dungeons basically force-feed CC down our throats, casters all spread out around the room, there's no way I can gather up all those groups for my party to fast twitch their AOE button and smack-down the bad guys(Trust me I tried it wasn't pretty). That's all I guess I just needed to get that out of my system.
K Out!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I am going to do better this time

I just thought I would post that I am in between contracts with my employer right now. During the summer when I wasn't working I really didn't post at all and I don't want to do that this time. I don't expect to not be working nearly as long this time but I can't say for sure. I have been playing sporadically. I played a ton right as the new year kicked off. I was on all the time for almost a week. I kind of burned myself out. I took a couple days away from WOW and it was good, reading and watching movies. I even downloaded the trial to Fallen Earth. It has some really entertaining parts and I can see that it is a pretty fun game. Its nowhere near as polished as WOW but how could it be being a new game and WOW has been out for 5+ years. It is easy to get into the storyline. I felt the controls were a little goofy but I changed some of the key binds and that made it a lot more familiar. I don't know if I'll play it much beyond the trial if at all but it was definitely interesting to play a different game since I barely play anything besides WOW anymore. The only thing I turn my xbox on for is instant view Netflix movies, which is awesome but I used to play a ton of console games, I have barely played any of them at all in the last 2 years. Mostly in WOW I've just been leveling alts. I am just so tired of dailies and I ran a ton of the random heroics I was just looking for something different. I do like running the low level dungeons with my alts although its probably 50-50 on whether you'll finish the dungeon or not.Well this got longer than I thought it would but I hadn't been on for a while so I guess that makes sense.
K Out!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Right my blog, oops

I have been busy and well I've been playing instead of blogging. I have done a few things in game though. That pic is of me with my new mount and pet. I planned ahead a little and got 50 mounts and 50 pets at the same time. I also like having the Champion of the Frozen Wastes title finally. I was really happy for us last week as we were finally able to kill Maly and get a bunch of people the title. We still are not having luck with Marrowgar but I think its mostly just positioning and practice. I have gotten a little tired of the random dungeons but I need to get back into it. I still would like a couple things from the triumph vendor and I could really start working on my dps gear too. I am also not a big fan of H HoR that place is kind of annoying.