Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I hate Heroic Halls of Reflection

I know strong words right. That place just gets my hackles all in an uproar. the trash is just vicious and there is not even a second to think before the next group spawns. I am basically ratcheted up for 10 waves of brain frying pressure. Now I really like tanking and having a challenge is all well and good but that place just...


Sorry I just had to get that out. I don't know what it is exactly that gets me but it seems like something goes wrong at just the wrong time every time I'm there. Somethings on cooldown or somebody pulls ag before I can get them, and if they get by me anybody else can easily be 1-2 shotted and consecrate doesn't do enough when they simply run on it for a second. Then that stupid hunter will disengage out and start shooting my healer and the mage will see someone and not come to the corner and will sit back there and blast away. Alright I don't even want to think about it anymore

Beer is good
Beer is good
Beer is good
and stuff!!

By a band called Psychostick. Its a good one. I needed that. OK I'm better now. I am starting to enjoy some of the more challenging aspects of the new heroics. I have even started using some CC here and there to smooth out the process a bit here and there. I know that they listen now because all you could here about was the death of CC from the blogosphere for the last year so what did they do for these dungeons basically force-feed CC down our throats, casters all spread out around the room, there's no way I can gather up all those groups for my party to fast twitch their AOE button and smack-down the bad guys(Trust me I tried it wasn't pretty). That's all I guess I just needed to get that out of my system.
K Out!!


Wrathy said...

Silly question, but do you use Seal of Command and Holy Wrath during that time? I find that those two combined should be fine for initial aggro, if the hunter disengages or the mage mirrors, just taunt the mob that isn't targeting you and LoS it, it will run right back into your SoComm spam and they will all die via the AoE fest that you were talking about.

Grimmtooth said...

Oh, I KNOW. That place just annoys the bejebus outta me. I'm sure there's a gimmick that we haven't sussed yet.

Charlie said...


kaozz said...

I agree, I hate healing this one especially. It's one I won't pug to heal anymore, I know where you are coming from with the rant.

Astrantia said...

Clearly you are not the only tank to hate the place since it always seems hard to find a tank for it. Maybe it's hard to find a healer for other groups too but being a healer myself I can't really tell. I have run HoR an almost unhealthy number of times in pursuit of a shriveled heart for off hand and IT HASN'T DROPPED ONCE! I'm beginning to doubt the item's existance...:p

Grimmtooth said...

@Astrantia - I know how you feel, there was a time that I thought [Legacy] was a story made to torment hunters with.

I'm starting to think that for this fight, voice comms is a must, and that nobody should attack until the tank signals that he has command of all the adds. That was what I saw of the fight the other night ... poor K would end up chasing mobs all over the place.

(When running as healer, I also need to remember to Fade in between waves, too, I'm sure that would help.)

Mister K said...

Thanks for the support everyone I appreciate it!!

Also yes Wrathy I do use those I was just having one of those nights. Thanks though its good to hear I have the right idea about it