Monday, June 28, 2010

Speaking of Birthdays....

Today happens to be mine. Had an excellent T-bone dinner last night mmm... I did have to miss the raid for it but whats that we're always bound to say "RL more important" TM. Hoping today I can just kick back and relax a little. Hope everyone else out there gets a little time to relax too on another Monday.
K Out!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Next time I make plans to post more remind me not to pick the end of June

The end of June happens to coincide with me knowing 14(maybe more) people with birthdays in a 3 week period, plus I am going to a wedding next weekend so I have a ton of free time on my hands right. My Moms birthday was last week, three days after Fathers day and so I keep a busy end of June schedule. I know this so really its my own fault. I have not even hardly logged into WOW since Wednesday. I ran Ahune to try for the pet a couple times which thanks to the new LFD tool takes like 3 minutes. No luck but another week left so I'll keep trying.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I know I mentioned non-raiding posts coming but...

We got Putricide down woot! The only 2 standing at the end were me and the OT Gracus. But it took an amazing effort from everyone involved to get there. We had a couple 1-2% wipes and we knew we had it. Phase 3 with all that slime is just a crazy mess. We are talking about taking a shot at Dreamwalker on Sunday. Very productive week for us :)

Grats Bunnies 7/12!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Dungeon Frost Lord!!

Adding the holiday boss to the LFD is awesome in my opinion. I killed the frost lord on 6 of my toons yesterday. I want to get my mage in but you have to be 78 and he is only 76 so I will have to push a little harder than I like. I have basically been leveling my mage one JC daily and one random dungeon a day. He already has like 44 triumph emblems. My mage has done almost all the other achievements for this holiday so if I can get him in I will have another Flame Warden which in my opinion is one of the coolest titles in the game. I keep it on my druid all the time. I was lucky enough to get the ice shard in the bag of my druid so he got the rock elemental pet who is really cool looking. I hope I can get it on my pally because he is my designated pet hoarder with maybe 60 pets and counting (although I have a friend who has 130+ I am never going to catch her). I got the patch update today. I am curious whether the new raid is really ready to go. I am a sucker for new content :)
Quick note: Happy Birthday to Gracus and Lafrentz in my guild they both have their birthday on the same day (today)!!
K Out!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A post on Bloggers I miss.

I have been clearing out my feed-reader lately so I can add some more blogs to it and I have some I just can't remove no matter how long its been. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the Bloggers I miss just a few that I really enjoyed.

Mortigan The Lock.
For those of you that read Mortigan for the short time he was blogging you know he had a unique voice and was really hilarious. His post on rules of raiding was a widespread success. His blog is no longer up, and one of his last posts had to do with having a new addition to his family so I hope all is well with him.

WTFspaghetti - A Random Warcraft Blog
This blog was the one that actually got me to level my shaman. Always an awesome read. I hope they start posting again sometime. I miss the sense of humor and the people that commented always kept good post discussions going.

No More /Cheer.
Another blog that is gone from blogger I don't know what happened but the whole blog is gone. This was one of the bloggers who was one of my first commenter's and always had great comments and was very nice. Also had great posts too.

I know there are many more bloggers who have come and gone and some of them have also been great and amazing but as a blogger with a smaller following its the ones that I was an avid reader and commenter and always got great responses from them that I miss the most. Always know if your out there that your welcome back anytime.
K Out!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

We're getting there

We got Putricide to 16% last night. I think we will probably get him down next week if we blow through the first part as fast as we have been. I actually took my shaman in this week through the first 5 bosses. I got a ton of offspec gear lol. I did get a nice staff to use for a while too. I think I'm gonna start posting more regularly here too. I've started to get some ideas for posts and I want to get them all down before I forget them.
K Out!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Well we've seen Putricide and Dreamwalker. We Died lol

We are working on Putricide and we got him somewhere around 50% on Thursday so we're getting there. Its an interesting fight with a lot of movement and avoiding stuff. Tanking him isn't to difficult once you figure out when to move him. I try to throw some damage at the oozes as I go by to position him on the other side. We just took a quick look at Dreamwalker, we were not prepared the adds come in on that fight fast and furious. We are really going to have to get a good system of priority on killing the adds. On a side note I haven't seen a drop in a couple weeks the two things I would like just don't seem to want to drop for me lol. I might get a chance to bring my shammy into the raid next week if everybodys on. That will be fun. I don't even care if I get any gear or anything I just want to see what I can do.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who needs a life or My 8th 80

Its been a week or so but there she is. My only female toon over 19 lol. I will soon have an 80 of every class besides rogue (pshw we will speak of them no more) as my mage is 74. All you have to do is get layed off for a while and you too can have a boatload of 80's (not recommended). It took me quite a while to get my warrior to 80 as she was one of my first toons I created but it just never clicked with me until more recently and when a toon falls behind they don't get nearly as much attention as your main does. I have got her able to tank the easy heroics and run random on her every couple of days but with my Pally, Shammy, and Priest all very well geared they get the most attention and consideration for raid spots. I currently have no plans to push her into ubergeared territory. Most of my leveling will be put into my mage or my druid depending on what I feel like at the time. I also have my second hunter at 73 and my second alliance dk at 71 and my horde dk at 74 .I am getting a little burnt out on Northrend leveling honestly. There is a good variety and some fun quests but I hit the low to mid 70's and I just don't even want to login on those toons lol. Mostly I'll just do a random and maybe a daily or a quest or two while I wait and then switch. My horde dk has been on the bench for three months now as my friend and I that level together over there have not logged into them for a while. Tonight some more fun in ICC maybe we'll even kill Putricide(here's for hoping). Have fun out there everybody!
K Out!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I am Replaceable. But I'm not too worried about it

I missed my first raid tonight since I transferred over here. I had a family get together and Tuesdays are the only night my Mom and her sisters can get to work. They got just as far without me as we usually do. Now I don't think they are going to replace me by any means. I think I bring a lot of good things to the raid team (not to brag, I'm just saying). I actually had mentioned rotating some other tanks in since I had gotten exalted with the Ashen Verdict. It would be interesting to see some of the fights instead of just looking at boss crotch or running from ooze lol. I also think its good to give some more people experienced in case someone can't make it, that keeps us from having to bail on a raid night. So good job with out me guys! I knew you could do it.