Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who needs a life or My 8th 80

Its been a week or so but there she is. My only female toon over 19 lol. I will soon have an 80 of every class besides rogue (pshw we will speak of them no more) as my mage is 74. All you have to do is get layed off for a while and you too can have a boatload of 80's (not recommended). It took me quite a while to get my warrior to 80 as she was one of my first toons I created but it just never clicked with me until more recently and when a toon falls behind they don't get nearly as much attention as your main does. I have got her able to tank the easy heroics and run random on her every couple of days but with my Pally, Shammy, and Priest all very well geared they get the most attention and consideration for raid spots. I currently have no plans to push her into ubergeared territory. Most of my leveling will be put into my mage or my druid depending on what I feel like at the time. I also have my second hunter at 73 and my second alliance dk at 71 and my horde dk at 74 .I am getting a little burnt out on Northrend leveling honestly. There is a good variety and some fun quests but I hit the low to mid 70's and I just don't even want to login on those toons lol. Mostly I'll just do a random and maybe a daily or a quest or two while I wait and then switch. My horde dk has been on the bench for three months now as my friend and I that level together over there have not logged into them for a while. Tonight some more fun in ICC maybe we'll even kill Putricide(here's for hoping). Have fun out there everybody!
K Out!

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