Sunday, June 27, 2010

Next time I make plans to post more remind me not to pick the end of June

The end of June happens to coincide with me knowing 14(maybe more) people with birthdays in a 3 week period, plus I am going to a wedding next weekend so I have a ton of free time on my hands right. My Moms birthday was last week, three days after Fathers day and so I keep a busy end of June schedule. I know this so really its my own fault. I have not even hardly logged into WOW since Wednesday. I ran Ahune to try for the pet a couple times which thanks to the new LFD tool takes like 3 minutes. No luck but another week left so I'll keep trying.


Ruhtra said...

We are all guilty of making commitments to blog more often and then not meeting those goals. That is why at some point I said no more. I post when I can and brought in a couple folks to help out. It has made life easier for me rather than thinking I have this deadline I need to meet.

As for the pet, hang in there. I got mine last night when I agreed to go help a guildie work on getting some emblems for gear. I got done, ran the boss and karma for once worked the way it is supposed to and Chip is now mine.

Mister K said...

Grats Ruhtra!
Its always good when the karma wheel spins in your favor :)

Anonymous said...

i agree with Ruhtra, I only post when Im in the mood, or just when I can for now. its just some days its hard to think what I need to post when your also thingking other stuff LOLx, oh well anyway, Goodluck! Ill be stopping by! Take care!