Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer is a Bummer in WOW

I am having a hard time getting groups lately. I understand that summer cuts into how much people play but its just annoying to sit in LFG for 2 hours and get nowhere. I have plenty of farming to do so I keep busy but thats not what is fun to me. I like doing instances. I like to pvp too but I got a little burned out on that. I will probably start leveling again cause they are plenty of people leveling alts on our server so I can get in those instances easily enough. Maybe I'll profile my priest next time since he is going to be my next 70.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sunday Kara runs

We will be running Kara every Sunday now (hopefully). About half the guild got in a pug on Monday, but our offtank d/c'ed at Moroes and that killed our run. I got Vambraces of Courage off of Attumen though. Woot! We are also running Heroic Underbog tonight with a select group. should be a good run, bringing Lafrentz to the run for his first Heroic. I am excited about that because we have been struggling to get a healer in our guild able to run Heroics so I am hoping this goes smoothly and we can move forward to Harder content, YEAH!

P.S. my Boomkin hit 70 last week, woohoo!