Monday, January 31, 2011

You know what can get a post out of me: World Server Down

I was trying to do my daily ritual of logging in long enough to do the JC'ing daily and then see if I feel like doing anything else (99% of the time this last month that has been a no). I did get mistrk to 81 strictly from mining runs to feed my JC who also got to 81 just by doing the daily, its a good relationship :). I have done a little on my shammy and warrior who are both about half way to 81, one in each of the starting zones. I do like one quest at a time, lol. I have made about 10k gold from selling gems without really trying so that has been for the good. I spent some of that leveling my enchanting but not a lot because those mats are still outrageous. I am curious, why am I just not into the game right now? Is it because the group isn't doing anything, is it because my sponser into the guild has jumped ship (for very good reasons, I don't blame him, I'm just saying), I actually recruited half my old guild to come with me and now I am never on. I feel a little bad about that but not bad enough to force me to play more, hahaha. Is it because I stopped tanking, I never really thought of that but I have not tanked anything since the burnout got me and I used to love tanking, the challenges of it really pushed me in game. Maybe I'll have to tank something and see if it brings back the old spark a little bit.

K Out!