Monday, January 31, 2011

You know what can get a post out of me: World Server Down

I was trying to do my daily ritual of logging in long enough to do the JC'ing daily and then see if I feel like doing anything else (99% of the time this last month that has been a no). I did get mistrk to 81 strictly from mining runs to feed my JC who also got to 81 just by doing the daily, its a good relationship :). I have done a little on my shammy and warrior who are both about half way to 81, one in each of the starting zones. I do like one quest at a time, lol. I have made about 10k gold from selling gems without really trying so that has been for the good. I spent some of that leveling my enchanting but not a lot because those mats are still outrageous. I am curious, why am I just not into the game right now? Is it because the group isn't doing anything, is it because my sponser into the guild has jumped ship (for very good reasons, I don't blame him, I'm just saying), I actually recruited half my old guild to come with me and now I am never on. I feel a little bad about that but not bad enough to force me to play more, hahaha. Is it because I stopped tanking, I never really thought of that but I have not tanked anything since the burnout got me and I used to love tanking, the challenges of it really pushed me in game. Maybe I'll have to tank something and see if it brings back the old spark a little bit.

K Out!


Grimmtooth said...

They were revisitign ICC tonight and actually cleared the blood wing, so progress do appear to be afoot ;)

I do feel bad about you and your mates floating over only to bail on ya, but hopefully you've had some opportunities that you might not have.

Most of my toons are still on Alleria. Maybe after I've had time to get the pew pew pew outta my system, we'll see if I can drive a healer again.

Mister K said...

Don't worry about me friend, we had plenty of good times I'd like to think I was able to lead by example a bit and any progress will have our fingerprints on it. My mates are all still going strong and have gone farther than they ever imagined so I feel pretty good about that actually. In a way our guilds were very similar you just had a little better leadership and were able to think about progress. It worked against us in the big picture sort of scheme as only a select few from either side were putting any extra effort in to improve but we moved the bar up a few notches with our combined forces. I am in super casual mode right now and have no idea if or when I will be running anything with them or anywhere for that matter.

Imwarrior said...

10k gold? Can you tell me what Gems are you selling?

Mister K said...

@ IMWarrior; It wasn't so much which gems but that I was posting them sporadically and posted so many different ones. I just found which ones were selling regularly on our realm and made a ton of them and sold them 2-3 at a time until they were all gone.