Saturday, February 26, 2011

So I need to re-install Wow

I actually have not had Wow installed for over a week now. I had to re-image my PC because I could not install or un-install any software. I have obviously been spending time getting my PC back how I like it but if I really had wanted too I could have gotten it done by now. I have been waiting for that real urge to play that I had when I would go to midnight releases and take days off of work to play new content. Now, looking at that last statement maybe its healthier not to do that but I never let it consume me completely it was always just a lot of fun. I seem to be missing that. My friends are split all over different servers and my current guild hasn't done anything new yet I have lost my desire to level alts like I used too. I just don't enjoy it as much. I am paid up through the middle of April I think so I am sure I will get back on soon enough but I just don't care as much as I used too. I hope everyone else out there is still enjoying themselves.

K Out

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