Saturday, February 27, 2010

We did it!!

We killed Marrowgar! I feel it is an awesome achievement for our guild and its members. It makes me very proud to be a member of Ordo Cuniculi Vorpali (Go Bunnies!!) Knowing that as a group we worked together and got him down was just awesome. I think this is just the thing to get us rolling knowing we can do it. It took us three nights to really iron out our strategy but on night 2 we got him down to 29k on our last try so we were pretty sure we could get him. This is why I transferred servers so I could experience things in game like this. I know we are not challenging the top guilds or anything but to be raiding current content and having fun doing it has just been awesome. I was even lucky enough to walk away with some shiny loot. So great work Bunnies and thanks for having me aboard!
K Out!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back again

Did my daily random on my shammy and got in a VH hold run. Easy right? well when someone starts it and the tank is dc'ed it gets sorta rough. Well we had a DK so he kinda tanked through wave 6. I say kinda because he wouldn't switch to frost presence so the Boomkin and I kept pulling aggro. halfway through the core-hound boss the Boomkin died and I had all the ag so I dropped my rock guy and started healing him and we beat it. We had voted to kick the dc'ed tank at wave four so we were in queue but no reinforcements showed and the DK bailed right after the boss. well our holy pally healer started tanking then (held ag way better than the DK too lol). After wave 7 the boomkin bailed so it was just me and Toz of Alexstraza. An awesome Holy paladin if there ever was one we 2-manned wave 7-10 until reinforcements arrived. I kept rooting them with my earthbind totem and doing damage whenever I could we were healing each other and just kept working away at them. So here's to you Toz, I wish you many good drops and easy pugs.


I've had some post ideas but nothing has really struck me so I have just left it. We have started clearing Voa weekly. The new boss isn't too hard we usually lose a couple people each try but that's just because we are basically right at the dps level for clearing it so the damage buff is pretty high when we get him down. I have been spending most of the rest of my game time on my alts. My Shaman is 76 and is easily pulling 2k dps on bosses, lava burst is crazy damage. I have also got my hunter to 45. Having played hunters on 4 servers it makes the leveling process really easy. I also want to get him leveled up so I can have an alchemist. I miss having an alchemist and its too expensive to transfer all your toons. My DK is also moving up. I got him to 66 and have been pushing his JC and enchanting soon he'll start getting his JC dailies done and start learning valuable patterns to help save me tons of gold a the AH. Scrolls of enchant are a huge moneymaker on the AH too. Its given me my biggest cushion in a while. Thats pretty much it just a small update.
K Out!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I like getting Triumph badges before 80

There has not been any huge things going on in guild lately. The last couple of weeks its been get the weekly done and ..... Well we have done a few other things, my friend finally got his Champion of The Frozen Wastes title this week because he finally killed KT, yep KT never had gotten a full clear done before. He's even been further in ToC than me, I've seen him run against the Twin Valkyr and I've never been that far but he had never gotten in Naxx when it was the thing to do because well our guild was pretty raid dysfunctional back then (hence the new guild, Long live the Bunnies). Also we did Voa for the first time since I've transferred servers, I think they had some issues with it before I was here and I can understand that I remember having some fun pug encounters when Emalon first came out but its no big deal now with all the uber-gear and having a good strategy. So it was good to get in there and get some gear for some folks. So anyways I've been running my lowbie toons a lot more the last few weeks and once your able to get into Northrend dungeons you start getting emblems of triumph from the first random you do in a day so I have been getting quite a few of those on my shaman and on my warrior on my old server. I have been tanking a lot on my newest DK and on my warrior. It is way different from my pally. The DK is so dependant on death and decay that sometimes I have to wait til the cooldown is up so I can go on which you can tell that some of the dps will get all antsy on you and start pulling for you. My normal strategy for this though is just to let them die. I sometimes have to tell my healer that though because some of them are so good they can keep them alive even if I am trying to let them die. My warrior on the other hand is really good at snap aggro but it is much more of a struggle holding groups over time thunderclap is great for initial threat but it doesn't give you that constant threat of a consecrate or death and decay which leaves me doing a lot of cleaving and target switching to throw devastates out there. I can really see how warriors could be the kings of carpal tunnel from tanking. Well those are just my thoughts on the current happenings with me.
K Out!