Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heroic Upgrades by Dungeon

This is just kind of a reference post for me, on how many upgrades for my tank I can get out of which heroic 5-mans, in no particular order

* Significant upgrade, ** Minor upgrade

Utgarde Keep: 2 Sword and ring

Utgarde Pinnacle: 2 Sword* and Belt**

Oculus: 3 Ring**, Axe, Pants

Nexus: 0

Azjol Nerub: 2 Trinket*, Belt**

Ahn'kahet: 3 Ring**, Necklace*, Bracer*

Drak'Tharon Keep: 2 Ring, Chest (both last boss)

Violet Hold: 2 Trinket, Pants*

Gundrak: 2 Shoulder, Trinket**, Glove

Halls of Stone: 2 Ring, Chest

Halls of Lightning: 1 Shoulder

Culling of Stratholme: 2 Bracer, Necklace*

I don't have any gear from Heroics but I do have 3 crafted epics, a few rep pieces, and a couple of pieces I have bought to cover the rest of my gear until we get into Naxx

0 FOR 15

Just a quick update on the frustration Loken gives me. I want the tanking trinket, but he doesn't want me to have it. I am not happy about this grrrrr......

Monday, January 26, 2009

Instance server not available????

If you have read my blog before you may know we are not a large guild. We do not have 10 80's yet with which to run 10mans. :( So we run dungeons (usually on normal). Well this bit about instance full or instance not available is pretty ridiculous, especially with all the dungeon based requirements for the Lunar festival. I am really getting disappointed in Blizzard at this point. I play WOW so I don't have to go out and spend money, I know the economy is bad but l2buynewservers.
My friend and I did manage to fish up Lurker though (hahaha he hit us hard). Levitate on others ftw!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have always wanted to level a horde character up but I just have never had the time. I was super excited when they said we could have Death Knights on any server. It sure took a long enough time but last night Septicktank entered the Knights of the Ebon Blade(well he got spit on in Org anyways). I am really looking forward to seeing what Outland and Northrend are like from the Horde perspective. I was a little disappointed when they gave me a normal sized mount I really wanted to keep the colt.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still Alive

I just have not been playing much, so nothing to blog about. I have been rereading The Wheel Of Time series by Robert Jordan. Such a great series and I hope Brandon Sanderson can do a good job finishing it up. I have faith, he really sounds like he has a good plan and is very respectful of the source.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Its freakin cold outside and I'm tired of it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun with older content

I have been on my tank alot lately but its not what I expected. I have been in LBRS, UBRS (Jenkins for a bunch of guildies!!), and we've been running some Outland heroics, mostly MagT for the pet and mount off of Kael (congrats Pintail and Lafrentz), but we even got a few people that had hung on to there Kara key quests on some alts (When was the last time you wiped in Heroic Steamvaults, try pulling the whole run and find out, lol.) So no new drops, hardly even been in Northrend at all except for porting. I am kind of thinking of making Heroic MagT a normal run for us since we have quite a few alts from 60-low 70's and the drops in there really hold up til the mid to high 70's so a possibility for fun drops for the 80's and gear for our alts, it should be a fun way to keep our lower level toons and upper level toons interacting together with a little something for everyone.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Upgrades for my tank

With my current gear I can tank heroics. I prefer going into these as prepared as I possibly can be and since I have not even run Halls of Stone, Oculus, or Culling of Stratholme yet I would like to run them on regular before going into a heroic so I can have some kind of idea what I'm doing. I also wanted to see if I could get any upgrades from some of these dungeons without spending insane amounts of gold on the auction house for the boe purples that drop in Naxx. I have already mentioned my desire for the trinket from Loken that he doesn't want me to have (0 for 13 so far). I have found a few items that I would like to have from some of the 80 regular dungeons. Wish me luck :)

Girdle Of Obscuring - The Oculus
Dragonflight Great-Ring - The Oculus
Svala's Bloodied Shackles - Utgarde Pinnacle
Reanimated Armor - Utgarde Pinnacle
Amulet of Deflected Blows - Utgarde Pinnacle

So I need to add Oculus and Utgarde Pinnacle to my instance farming rotation. I guess I'll just run Halls of Stone and Culling for fun and to learn the fights a little.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weekend Update (on Wednesday ha)

I am doing a lot of thinking about what I'm going to do with my toons so I thought I'd post it here and give a little progress and planning report. Listed in priority of leveling

Mistrk: Level 80 Paladin Tank. Currently sitting in Shatt doing the fishing dailies for the achievement 2/5 done. Ready to run whenever we have a group of 80's but noone ever seems to be on their 80's

Chowyunfat: 76 Druid Boomkin. Headed to Sholazar Basin with Gracus my friends Arms warrior. We are burning through stuff real fast, we can pretty much do any group quest with just the 2 of us, but I spend alot of time out of moonkin form healing :(

Newguy: 74 Discipline Priest. Will be leveling with Lafrentz finishing up Dragonblight and moving into Zul' Drak, I'm skipping Grizzly and ZD with Chow, just Grizzly with Newguy. (I just don't like droprate quests and Grizzly Hills is full of them, so for all the cool quests that are over there I get frustrated by all the droprate ones so just skipping it all together)

Septictank: 65 Unholy DeathKnight. About halfway through Zangarmarsh will probably just go straight to Nagrand from there running with Miaka my friends DK, you may have noticed a trend in that I am running them all with someone well its just faster, quests get done quicker stuff dies faster and its more fun when you run with your friends not to mention the amount of ganking is far less when theres 2 of you to deal with.

Warriorbarbi: 63 Arms Warrior. She's my solo project when I am the only one on and running I'm usually leveling my warrior. Just getting her started in Zanger. Having alot of fun with her don't know if she's destined for tanking or not.

Surething: 20 Elemental Shaman. My inscriptionist and am learning I like being an elemental shaman lightning bolts are fun, Still tooling around in Azuremyst for a little while probably will send him to Redridge and Duskwood

Happymadison: 40 Frost Mage. My poor mage so much fun and really liking the heavy frost talents but she sits in Ironforge as my auctioneer. I will probably be moving her back out to finish Theramore quests soon, need to level her so I can make gems

Psychostick: 50 Demon Warlock. He is ready to go, I was turning in some left over quests and getting ready to send him out when I got pulled into a group run for something else, plaguelands ahoy. I'm sure he will get in some runs soon because we have a whole group of alts sitting at 50 so that will help him get out there too

Iamthetick: 72 BM Hunter. I know, what is he doing way down here, and after all that talk about how excited I was about them and all of the OP that is currently going on well I just don't have the hunter itch right now, I got all my new pets and have leveled some Engineering and Alchemy but I am content with him right now, I like him where he is and he can run with all the low levels in dungeons as they level. I am sure the itch will come back soon :)

I'll probably turn Booyarogue into my bank/auctioneer just because I have no plans to level her anytime soon

Well thats the rollcall I have really let my horde toons slide since the expac came out, oh well maybe some day right

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello Interwebs!!

Yes, still here, with many blog post stewing in my brain I've just been playing the game and watching many many movies that I haven't felt the need to post of late. If you haven't watched Real Genius in a long time check it out for a laugh. The dated clothes and the timeless humor coexist awfully well if, like me you grew up in that era.