Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun with older content

I have been on my tank alot lately but its not what I expected. I have been in LBRS, UBRS (Jenkins for a bunch of guildies!!), and we've been running some Outland heroics, mostly MagT for the pet and mount off of Kael (congrats Pintail and Lafrentz), but we even got a few people that had hung on to there Kara key quests on some alts (When was the last time you wiped in Heroic Steamvaults, try pulling the whole run and find out, lol.) So no new drops, hardly even been in Northrend at all except for porting. I am kind of thinking of making Heroic MagT a normal run for us since we have quite a few alts from 60-low 70's and the drops in there really hold up til the mid to high 70's so a possibility for fun drops for the 80's and gear for our alts, it should be a fun way to keep our lower level toons and upper level toons interacting together with a little something for everyone.

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