Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crypts Love It, Hate It

Healed Crypts on my newly 70 priest last night, everything after the first boss is awesome. I was shackling and healing on the non-elite skeleton mobs I was Holy Novaing them down super fast we destroyed the last boss like he wasn't there. Sweet, right well before that it sucked the mighty, we wiped on the very first pull. The guys I went in with weren't to bad but since nobody really runs crypts none of them remembered what happens and when they pulled and then all the guys spawned they freaked out. We wiped on the first boss 3 times before the shamen brought his 70 warlock in. That bosses slow wrecked my healing, the tank was setting up in a horrible spot so I was way to close and that slows healing down way to much with not having alot of fast group healing mechanics because everyone was melee and just took a ton of splash damage. Also nothing dropped for me, and I'm not to the part on the chain where I have to kill the boss yet so now I have to go back,:(

Oh well good practice for getting back in the healing game

Monday, September 29, 2008


So I logged on to the PTR this weekend, and all I can say is WOW! (ha, I know funny). Stromwind harbor is awesome probably just the coolest addition to old content I've ever seen. had some fun testing the new talents with my Paladin, hunter and Boomkin. I must say I was really underwhelmed with the new druid spells they feel kind of underpowered to me but we'll see. Paladins look to be in great shape(I didn't test any Holy stuff I gave up healbotting a long time ago), but prot and ret just feel awesome right now. And the best for last EXOTIC PETS OMG WTF AWESOMESAUCE. Ok I know I'm a dork but Corehounds just kill stuff its totally amazing and Chimaera are really cool looking (always wanted one since the first time I went to Azshara now if only I could get a Hippogryph), I can't wait to get a Rhino. Pet talent trees are great but I don't know if I could play without the BM talent there are just to many talents I want on each pet. I don't like the prices on the new stable slots but that's just cause I am horrible at making money in the game (I have 4 70's now {Yeah Newguy} and none of them have epic flying yet {halfway to first one}. Next on my agenda Warrioirbarbi and the grind to 70.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Not ignoring my blog just don't have anything to report lately. I am mostly leveling alts to try and get my professions maxed out across the board. Our guild has basically shrunk to 4-5 people with everything thats been going on lately (WAR, summer, pre-expansion boredom, though good new, RELEASE DATE!! YEAH. I know, but I'm excited. I can't wait for the expansion because I started after BC and so I'll get to experience all the new stuff with everybody else this time around and not feel left behind on everything. I have also started a new toon (altitis I know). His name is Verysmall. He is a Tauren warrior. I have always wanted to level a Tauren out of all the horde because they seem to be the most conflicted because when you think of Horde you think bad or evil (I know there not I'm just generalising), but the Tauren are really a good people who see the horde as they truly are, just another race trying to get by in the world. I just dinged 10 last night yeah! It will be strange though when I get to some of the other areas like Arathi Highlands and STV I hope I don't go to the wrong camps to many times lol