Monday, September 29, 2008


So I logged on to the PTR this weekend, and all I can say is WOW! (ha, I know funny). Stromwind harbor is awesome probably just the coolest addition to old content I've ever seen. had some fun testing the new talents with my Paladin, hunter and Boomkin. I must say I was really underwhelmed with the new druid spells they feel kind of underpowered to me but we'll see. Paladins look to be in great shape(I didn't test any Holy stuff I gave up healbotting a long time ago), but prot and ret just feel awesome right now. And the best for last EXOTIC PETS OMG WTF AWESOMESAUCE. Ok I know I'm a dork but Corehounds just kill stuff its totally amazing and Chimaera are really cool looking (always wanted one since the first time I went to Azshara now if only I could get a Hippogryph), I can't wait to get a Rhino. Pet talent trees are great but I don't know if I could play without the BM talent there are just to many talents I want on each pet. I don't like the prices on the new stable slots but that's just cause I am horrible at making money in the game (I have 4 70's now {Yeah Newguy} and none of them have epic flying yet {halfway to first one}. Next on my agenda Warrioirbarbi and the grind to 70.

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