Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rotface Down!! 6/12 in ICC10

It took a couple tries (we been working on him for a couple weeks now, lol), but he's down. We even poked Putricide in the nose a couple times to see what he was like. One of the really good things I think about taking ICC at our own pace it is that we are nowhere near looking at burnout yet. I see a bunch of bloggers complaining about it and I can understand if you are in a pro guild and plowed through everything then that could happen. I would much rather be doing it this way. We are having a great time (at least I am), and we get to spend a few nights a week with our friends killing bosses. I think we even have a legitimate shot at LK before Cata comes out. Will it be before the 35% buff, I don't know, but I don't care. So sure that will mean we are not as pro as the guilds that have done it already but as hard as some of these fights are I am going to be ecstatic no matter when it happens. So many of these fights are coordination and timing fights anyway that the gear only goes so far. So good job team!! We are kicking *** and taking names in our own way!

King of the World......of Warcraft

I had a rocket pack how could I not do it?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Nothing new to report, but we are still at it

Well. We got Rotface down to 24% so we are making a little progress there, and team 2 is going back into Ulduar on Monday to see if we can make a push towards finishing it. So we have had some good raiding going on. We basically spent most of last night wiping on Rotface which can be kind of frustrating. I am tanking the oozes and I am starting to get better at it. I really need to find a better way to build the next big ooze after one explodes. I seem to do okay the first time but after the second ooze explodes we seem to get little oozes everywhere and I can't corral them. I watched a couple videos and might try something different next time. If anyone else out there knows a good strategy please feel free to elaborate. I'm all ears.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Team 2 rocks Ulduar!!

We started a second raid team this week working some undergeared toons and alts in Ulduar. It was a ton of fun. Seeing some of the fights in there from the dps side is way different. I think everybody had a good time and we pushed through the first 2 sections and the crazy cat lady in one night. I think our team 2 may do something our team one never got to do finish Ulduar. Which would be awesome because I would really like a chance to see the Yogg fight. I've heard that it is an insane fight and I am actually looking forward to seeing if we can do it. Tomorrow ICC and another chance to kill Rotface!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quick Note: Festergut down Rotface not so much :)

We had an off night on Tuesday so we didn't get Saurfang down and we started a little late today but after taking out Saurfang on try 2 we took the first one of the ugly twins down. It took us a couple tries but its not really too bad. We only had enough time for one try on 'ol Rotface, lets just say it wasn't pretty. We are thinking about going back in later this weekend though to try to kill him. We haven't successfully gotten a third night in ICC yet so if we do this could be a major week for us. I am really proud of the team and would like to send out a big Woot to Tarna who OT'd in the stead of our normal OT and to Pintail who just transferred over this week and helped us down a new boss. Thanks a lot we couldn't have done it without you!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm still Alive!!

Yes, still out there, we have been limited the last couple weeks with people not being available. Including myself as I had to move last week and only logged in once, which was really odd for me. I should be getting back to a more consistent schedule here soon. I also wanted to make a quick note welcoming some of my former guildies to the Bunnies. Drusky, and Pintail welcome, I think someone else is considering the move as well. Hopefully this will help us shore up our team and keep us from getting shorthanded on raid nights. I think they will enjoy being able to run some stuff they haven't had a chance to see yet as well. We are planning on getting them through some of Naxx and Ulduar to help get them acclimated to the current raiding game. Should be good times all around.