Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to get good at WOW

I use alot of different resources to help me improve my performance in game and to help out my guild. Firstly I'd like to thank all the bloggers out there who have ever posted, not everything is going to be useful or important to me but theres always a chance and it can point me on the track to what I am looking for. OK I will just give a list and some info about what I use the site for.

This is a site that will scan the armory and give you a rating, based on your gear score, as to where you are in the progression game. It works for any character above level 70. I use this site all the time to keep up on my gear and my guilds gear. Its helpful to know what your guildies have done so that when you are looking to fill out a group you know who you can ask to fill a need. It also has a quick link to Wowhead (more about them later) to help pint out where you can go for upgrades. Its important to note that the gear score component does not care if the gear you are using is for your spec or good for you at all. You could be specced as a Ret pally but be in all top end tanking gear and it is going to give you a great score because your gear is good, not because the gear is good for your spec, so don't let the gear score fool you into thinking your gear is amazing unless it goes to your spec.

This is basically a database of everything that is in WOW. It can tell you where every item in the game drops, where every NPC is, and where to go to do anything you are doing in the game. It has everything you could think of in the game stored there. But my favorite part is the comments section, because there are a ton of helpful people out there who have taken the time to give a more personal example of what and where and how about everything you find there. There is almost always something helpful in the comments section when your looking for that hard to find item or having trouble with some quest or boss fight. Also great tables where you can compare gear my multiple stats.

This is a site with basically anything you ever wanted to know about WOW. It has lore, Quest info, Dungeon info, NPC info, and much much more. If its in WOW, its in WOWWiki. I primarily use their dungeon listings as my primary tracking utility for upgrades, because they display every drop off every boss with its complete stats on the same page as there description of the boss fights and strategies for those bosses. It has helped me clear almost every encounter I have ever had a problem with, because of the great strategies the contributers to the wiki have provided.

WOW Insider
This is basically a news site devoted to the goings on in WOW. They post many times a day on the various goings on in the WOW community, and have detailed posts about all classes. Now they are not always highly regarded by alot of bloggers and many of there posts have been contradicted by other sites and bloggers but I find it to be a great place to get started when looking for info into the game we all love so much. The comments section is not always the friendliest place but there are many people who are really good about posting helpful advice in there follow up comments. The people that post there are also usually willing to admit when they make a mistake which not everyone is so good at. I feel that everyone who rights for WOW Insider genuinely is trying to be helpful and I appreciate there efforts.

These are my primary resources when it comes to WOW. They keep me informed and help me enjoy WOW more than I ever could without them. There are many other sites out there that are useful as well. I will mention MMO-Champion and Elitest Jerks as two that have a huge store of info if you know what your looking for. Also if anybody else has any sites they can't live without please don't hesitate to let me know about them. I will post about the blogs I find the most helpful in another post.

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