Thursday, March 19, 2009

Resto Shaman Upgrades for my friend

This is a post I'm making to help out my friend as he is making the shift to Resto shammy from elemental and we are looking for the best places to get him some gear. I am going to set it up mostly like my post I did earlier for my upgrades from Heroics
*Major Upgrade, **Minor Upgrade
Utgarde Keep 3;
Leather Headpiece*, Mail Chestpiece**, Ring
Utgarde Pinnacle 3;
Dagger*, Ring**, Mail Shoulders*
Nexus 3;
Mace*, Mail Pants**, Neck*,
Azjol Nerub 2;
Cloth Belt, Ring
Ahn'Kahet 5;
Mail Headpiece, Cloak**, Neck*, Mail Gloves*, Cloth Pants
Oculus 2;
Ring*, Staff
Drak'theron Keep 2;
Trinket, Bracers**
Violet Hold 5;
Ring*, Ring*, Mail Belt**, Neck, Mail Shoulder
Gun'Drak 3;
Mail Belt*, Cloak, Leather Belt
Halls Of Stone 6;
Cloth Shoulder**, Trinket, Trinket, Mail Gloves*,Leather Belt, Leather Shoulder
Halls Of Lightning 3;
Cloth Gloves, Trinket*, Mail Belt*
Culling Of Stratholme 3;
Mace, Mail gloves*, Ring*

This is by no means a comprehensive list for everyone, and I normally don't suggest any cloth for Resto shammies but, while gearing up if its an obvious upgrade don't ignore it. This is just to help my friend switch from elemental to resto.

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