Friday, February 27, 2009

My opinion on dual specs

This has been a huge subject around the interwebs since the announcement of them being in the 3.1 patch. I am biased in that I can't wait for this function to come in to effect. Our guild has 15-20 people with over a hundred characters, we are a super casual guild with a couple of more hardcore members but they really like our guild because everyone is RL friends. We only have 12 80's (10 people) in our guild, that's just enough to do a 10man if everyone is on, which is very rare. This leaves us very stuck in roles if we want to run stuff, with only 2 tanks and 2 healers at 80, it leaves those of us with those toons tied into those roles. I am really close to have 3 toons at 80; one healer(76) one tank(80), and one dps(79). So very soon I will be able to fill any of the roles necessary with very little trouble. But I am one of very few. This alone leaves me little time to experiment with different specs or to try different things with these toons because I really want everyone in the guild to be able to experience as much content as possible. With duel specs it will really help our small guild be able to cover more areas and fill in if we happen to be missing something at that time. I am not complaining about the situation we are in now. I love my guild and guildmates, We are always able to have fun with things even if we are wiping on the most stupid things. I am just happy that with this feature I will be able to have much more flexibility with my toons and will hopefully be able to move our guild further along into some raiding that I know most of them enjoy doing. So I thought I would post what my dual spec plans are for my toons(1000 bucks a pop, no problem, /end sarcasm).

mistrk; current spec: prot pally, dual specs: undecided
I just don't know yet. I have been sort of working on both a ret and healing set, I am not sure yet what I want to do, to many options(arena, pve heals, ret!!). This will be the hardest toon to decide and will probably be switched a few times just because thats how I roll.
chowyunfat; current spec: Boomkin, dual specs: Resto/Boomkin
This is the easiest choice. I hated feral, wasn't any good at it and have always wanted to try resto so BAM, here I am best of both worlds HAHAHAHA!!
Newguy; current spec: disc heals, dual specs: disc/holy
I love options, and this gives me the best of both worlds, I was one of the first to switch to discipline healing(yes before all the bloggers had jumped on the bandwagon, I specced it right after 3.02 talents came out) I love it because I was holy for along time and sometimes I miss circle of healing. Never liked shadow, and we have 2 shadow priests in our guild already.
Warriorbarbi; current spec: prot warrior(duh), dual specs: prot/arms
I don't know when she will get to that point but when I do plunk down the cash it will be so she can go back arms to pvp, I leveled arms to 60 until I could get shockwave and now kind of have her as my low level tank to help guildies leveling up in dungeon runs.
Iamthetick; current spec: beastmaster hunter, dual specs: BM/Survival
exotic pets/mad dps simple yet effective
Psychostick; current spec: demonology warlock, dual specs: demon/some pvp spec
He's only 56 I don't know enough about warlock specs to make any decisions yet, more BG then arena though.
Septictank; current spec: unholy DK, dual specs: unholy dps/ some tank spec
not sure, he has sat at 65 for a long time. I like the playstyle just not a priority right now. If I really want to get into arena I might level him up though
Happymadison; current spec: Frost mage, dual specs: frost/frostfire
I love frost, the aoe farming capabilities are amazing, and I have seen frostfire in action, that build brings the pain

I don't know when I'll ever level my rogue or shaman so no plans for them, or for my horde toons for that matter, I think that's about a big enough wall of text for today anyway, well that's just my 2 cents

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Altitis in full swing

I have been switching between toons pretty furiously lately. I got my mage to 50 last night, been pushing my warlock to 58 to work with some of the folks new to outland. I have been doing a few dailies between my priest, pally, and boomkin, also spending time working the auction house(mostly trying to liquidate gems I made while leveling up jewelcrafting) We have run a few things here and there. I do love it when Nexus is the heroic daily because it is an easy 7 emblems(I know!). Really just working on getting some emblems and I have been watching strat videos on bosses to get ready to start pugging some raids. Wish me luck!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sixth Screenshot

For fun

I couldn't find an apple

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just because I wanted it

I've been saving up some money on the side to purchase something for my tank and finally got enough together last night without breaking my bank

Cenarion War Hippogryph

I really like this mount and you almost never see it, also I was very tired of my old gryphon. Now I only have one toon with a gryphon, as I have swift flight, flying machine, and now Hippogryph, Yeah!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I GOT IT!!!!

If you have read my blog at all you know what I'm talking about. If you don't know, I finally got the defense trinket from Loken in Halls of Lightning. On attempt number 16 of running the dungeon. I now plan to avoid that dungeon like the plague for several weeks(months) until my warrior hits 80(I know glutton for punishment). We even attempted Heroic Azjol but Hadronex thought I had gotten enough loot for one weekend, oh well, We actually got hung up on the last boss in there but for our guild it was a pretty good day as that was our third heroic and we had not really had much difficulty til then.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sometimes it pays to be a packrat

I had saved up a ton of low level gems from jewelcrafting, for no other reason as I was just waiting for a stack of 20 to put on the auction house, well I decided that since jewelcrafting was such a profitable profession I would turn my gatherer into a duel profession moneymaker, he is now a tailor/jewelcrafter and I will soon be selling frostweave bags to the masses hahahaha. I used up most of my savings pushing my jewelcrafting even with all the mats I had saved up but i has turned out that Dragon's Eyes are a great way to make your money back, I just buy the gems I need for the daily go do the quest and bam sell my Dragon's Eye no fuss no muss. I should have my money back today or tomorrow and start making a hefty profit so as to afford the useless luxury items I would like to have.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Yes I'm happy about the pally changes, Even better though...

Inner Fire: Now lasts 30 min and is undispellable.

Thank You Blizz,for fixing the most annoying buff since five min blessings. Especially since this buffs spellpower now I need to keep it up at all times and I am horrible at remembering to buff myself(I use palareminder to yell at me about buffs, Is there a mod like that for priests?) I almost never forget to buff others in my group but me I constantly forget, oh well.


30 MIN SEALS!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, couldn't help myself hahaha

Friday, February 6, 2009

a quick note on 3.1 chnages

*Blessing of Kings now a baseline spell *

All I can say is finally!!, this makes more sense then anything else they have tried to do with this (five points to get 10% bahh). If they had just done this all along they wouldn't have to worry so much about balancing it. oh well.

*Exorcism can be used on all mobs*

Now I just have to find a way to sneak this into my 9/6/9/6/9 rotation (I think I'll live lol).

Also noted I need to remember to go to outland every month to get those consortium gems to help my lowbie jewelcrafter.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fun in Kara or Prince is a tool

I know I don't need anything out of Kara its just fun, and we took a couple of lowbies so if something dropped then they could get something nice for leveling. Well its funny how soon they forget how to do a fight when you haven't run it in a while. I think enfeeble killed everybody but me and one other person every time. Also he dropped his first infernal right on top of the healer and range dps (grrr). I lasted by myself for quite some time with just seal and judgement of light but I don't quite do enough dps alone to solo prince.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When to enhance your gear?

I have a question, when do you spend the time gold and materials to get your best gems and  enchants? I was just curious because I noticed a 75 shadow priest in our guild who had 3 dragonseye spellpower gems in some mid-70  gear. I would not use those gems for that myself just for purpose of leveling but maybe I'm wrong. So what do you think?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back in Northrend

Well I got my warrior to 68 last night and got started in the Tundra, and I have to admit is nice to be able to take the quest upgrades than just selling the highest value reward every time. I seem to be running along at the same clip I was in outland but my friend who did the same with his rogue seems to think that the Northrend mobs are quite a bit tougher than the outland ones he had been fighting. So now I wonder is it just cause I'm a prot warrior or maybe that rogues are struggling in Northrend period or is he just exaggerating. 

Monday, February 2, 2009

Heroic Achievements

Well howdy, I had a productive weekend in WOW. I got my first heroic dungeon achievement. Snakes

So that was fun, even if we did get it by accident. I am getting a little more confidant in my ability to tank heroics as well. I got a couple upgrades to my kit over the weekend. We had a couple people trying to get the Lunar Festival achievement so I helped them get all the Northrend dungeon ones done. It seems if you want to you can have just a tank and 2 dps and finish Draktheron Keep hahaha. (we didn't finish it but did kill a couple of bosses to see if we could). I almost have my warrior in Northrend as well to help the lower level and alts get into some dungeons here soon. Also GO STEELERS!! What a game, I mean just an amazing finish. I knocked my drink over when Harrison returned that interception for a touchdown.