Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When to enhance your gear?

I have a question, when do you spend the time gold and materials to get your best gems and  enchants? I was just curious because I noticed a 75 shadow priest in our guild who had 3 dragonseye spellpower gems in some mid-70  gear. I would not use those gems for that myself just for purpose of leveling but maybe I'm wrong. So what do you think?

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Jeremiah said...

It depends for me. Since I have a jewelcrafter and a chanter, I generally gem/chant when i get a new piece of gear. Leveling multiple toons leaves me plenty of mats for the chanting, and I can use my brother in laws j/c free of charge for anything that I may like (as long as i supply mats, but with a miner that is leveling that is a moot point as well) Well, I guess that this is not 100% true. If i expect that i piece of gear will not last long i will not put a whole lot of mats into it, but if it is blue or purple i will generally take care of it. (IE my level 70 epics have northrend gems and chants on them because they will last till 80, i expect.) just my 2 cents