Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh yeah my blog

Well its been a while since I posted here. I thought I'd catch up on what has gone on. We made it in to Kara (yeah) and we did a little better then I thought we would, sorta, we also took some unexpected lumps but that is to be expected. We can now say 3/12 Kara with Opera on Notice. This is about where I had hoped we would get, and honestly if we hadn't had so much trouble with Moroes I think we could have taken down Romulos and Juliane, but after 2 tries we had had enough of wiping in there. I was glad to have made it that far. I had never been past Maiden yet so that alone was good enough for me, but I was actually pretty confidant we could take her with the group we had brought. Our real problem had come up with Moroes, in my previous Pug we had one-shotted the guy so I went in thinking he would be no big deal but in effect that was a little short sighted. That was also the first time we had to go head to head on who main tank was. Our defacto guild leader was on his druid tank and I was on my Pally of course and up to that point we had basically just picked a target and went to town. Well with this fight we had a different strategy then the one I had used previously and it didn't work out as well as we could have hoped. most of our wipes were crowd control failures or early pulls before we were ready but after a while that adds up to a frustrating time. We finally figured out a switch from him tanking Moroes to me would work out better and we finally killed the undead bastard. Although Drusky got his Pocketwatch (grr, I'm just jealous). Well that's enough ranting from me on that, we learned a lot and we'll see how it goes from there. 

I have actually been a little burned out on my pally what with spending 2 months before our Kara run to gear him up. I have been playing my druid a lot (almost 64 now). I will soon have 3 70's and can then do dailies until my brain is a puddle of goo, lol. I am really paying attention to rep with him and it makes a huge difference in the grind. I am more excited about getting him his rep then I am leveling him up, who woulda thunk it. Well thats all for today, I hope to be a little better about posting too. bye