Friday, May 16, 2008

A slight pause in player profiles

I am going to take a tangent today, still WOW but no profile today, (please hold the applause). I am in a small guild. We have 14 people in our guild. We have 10 who have at least one level 70 character. I am now going to try to get everybody to do a Kara run. I am excited. Now the guy who got me and my roommate into the game is being all pessimistic and thinks were not geared enough yet. He's probably right, we just got through our first Heroic and that was with 2 mages sheeping. But I'd like to at least stick our noses in and see what its all about. We will never know what it takes until we get in there and wipe a little bit first. That's how we have gotten to where we are now.
We would go in with these groups.

Pally tank (me)
Sh Priest
Pally Heals

Druid Tank
Enhance Shammy
Resto Shammy

Our Druid tank is kind of our Guild Leader he didn't start the guild (GL doesn't really play anymore), but he was the first to get to seventy. He also led us through most of our instance runs until recently, now with a much larger group of seventies than we've had I have had a chance to run some groups and did quite a bit of pugging when I respecced to Prot I have started to become more of a Group leader. I don't want to just step on his toes cause he has brought us this far but I feel with where we are now and his other interests, (he just rolled a new Horde toon on a RP server) I am going to try to push everyone and lead us down the road to Raiding, (casually we will never be Hardcore). We are just getting into it so we'll see how it goes

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I just always thought He was a Druid

Now my third character I am going to profile is my Druid, Chowyunfat.

He is the most complicated of my toons. He was my second character, and I thought it would be sweet to have the ability to change forms and do all kinds of different things. Our guilds first tank was a Druid tank and he carried us all to 70. Well I wasn't ready to level a druid because leveling him was the slowest and hardest of any I have ever started, and I leveled Feral before anyone says you should level that way. I pushed through to about 41-42 and just couldn't do it. He soon got bypassed by 3 other characters, including one I started over a year later. But we had a few people in our guild around his level and so I started playing him a little bit. Well I had 2 70's at this point and had noticed out in my travels how often I was getting killed by Druids. I was confused by this and decided to pay a little attention to them and started hearing about the "Boomkin" or the big chicken whichever you prefer so I decided to respec, and try out the Boomkin. Wow, talk about a difference he became the most fun character I have to play and have been steadily leveling him up. I have never seen other toons run from me so fast after I start spamming Moonfire. I now toy with warlocks like the squishies they are. You put me in a group with anybody else and stuff drops to us so fast I barely have a chance to do much more than my instant casts.  Anyways I just thought I'd put this up, as always if you have any comments let me know. Also maybe you have a toon you haven't played in a while maybe log in again and think about respeccing and seeing if that makes a difference it did for me. peace

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My PVP main is Iamthetick, Beast Master Hunter, Defender of "The City", if you never followed the Tick cartoon show, well first shame on you, and second you won't get any of these references. So your first assignment is to go bye Season 1 & 2 of the Tick on DVD. You can thank me later.
On to the armory.

I have been trying some different talents with him so don't judge me to harshly.
I use an owl from Winterspring who has Screech 5, Claw 9, and Dive 3, He has well over 10,000 armor and with the 7% increase in DPS owls get I believe him to be one of the best pets you can get. His name is Dog. we rock the battlegrounds and are just getting into the Arena game. With the new rules for Arena gear I feel it will actually make it easier to do Arenas because you'll more often be matched against players your level. Well thats all for today if anybody has any comments let me know

Monday, May 5, 2008

Keeping it simple

Well for my first post I am just going to post a link to my main. He has been a Retnoob and a Healadin and is now a Tankadin.

For the record I love Ret, leveled Ret knew how to lay down the pain but I respecced for my small guilds hopeful progression. Any comments are welcome and if you have any questions just let me know. I have a small case of Altitis with 17 toons on 3 servers. My highest levels are all alliance but I have been working "For the Horde" a little more of late. I also have a small leveling guild with a couple of my friends on Nathrezim if anybody is looking for some friendly help leveling up. Look up Roll for Chest, Newguy is the Guild Leader