Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I just always thought He was a Druid

Now my third character I am going to profile is my Druid, Chowyunfat.

He is the most complicated of my toons. He was my second character, and I thought it would be sweet to have the ability to change forms and do all kinds of different things. Our guilds first tank was a Druid tank and he carried us all to 70. Well I wasn't ready to level a druid because leveling him was the slowest and hardest of any I have ever started, and I leveled Feral before anyone says you should level that way. I pushed through to about 41-42 and just couldn't do it. He soon got bypassed by 3 other characters, including one I started over a year later. But we had a few people in our guild around his level and so I started playing him a little bit. Well I had 2 70's at this point and had noticed out in my travels how often I was getting killed by Druids. I was confused by this and decided to pay a little attention to them and started hearing about the "Boomkin" or the big chicken whichever you prefer so I decided to respec, and try out the Boomkin. Wow, talk about a difference he became the most fun character I have to play and have been steadily leveling him up. I have never seen other toons run from me so fast after I start spamming Moonfire. I now toy with warlocks like the squishies they are. You put me in a group with anybody else and stuff drops to us so fast I barely have a chance to do much more than my instant casts.  Anyways I just thought I'd put this up, as always if you have any comments let me know. Also maybe you have a toon you haven't played in a while maybe log in again and think about respeccing and seeing if that makes a difference it did for me. peace

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