Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My PVP main is Iamthetick, Beast Master Hunter, Defender of "The City", if you never followed the Tick cartoon show, well first shame on you, and second you won't get any of these references. So your first assignment is to go bye Season 1 & 2 of the Tick on DVD. You can thank me later.
On to the armory.

I have been trying some different talents with him so don't judge me to harshly.
I use an owl from Winterspring who has Screech 5, Claw 9, and Dive 3, He has well over 10,000 armor and with the 7% increase in DPS owls get I believe him to be one of the best pets you can get. His name is Dog. we rock the battlegrounds and are just getting into the Arena game. With the new rules for Arena gear I feel it will actually make it easier to do Arenas because you'll more often be matched against players your level. Well thats all for today if anybody has any comments let me know

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