Thursday, May 29, 2014

So much for blogging more often, lol

I have been doing a little gaming here and there. I am in the Transformers Universe beta. I would post about it but NDA and all that fun stuff. Most of my gaming time is done on my tablets. I play War of Mercenaries, Heroes of Dragon Age, Dark Breakers, Legends at War, Falling Skies: Planetary Warfare, Battle Commander, and Brave Frontier. All of these games were free apps and except for War of Mercenaries which most of the people I work with play, don't require Facebook begging. How goes the rest of the internets? Anything cool going on out there I should know about?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Me, I've been watching The Shield

You know how you say "I should get around to catching up on that" well I have been enjoying Amazon Prime before the rumored price increase goes into play and have been catching up on some TV shows. I was in need of some gritty crime related viewing since Breaking Bad is over and Game of Thrones isn't back on yet and I saw an article about what to watch if you were missing Breaking Bad, number one is The Wire and I am planning that as my next one but what intrigued me the most at number two was The Shield and in the reasons why was because it had a better ending and I was like, no way, because while I won't say it was the most perfect TV show ending ever it was damn good and left me totally satisfied. so I am now in the last season of the shield and it has been just what I was looking for I keep rooting for this guy even though you know he's horrible, but his twisted sense of justice and honor just keep pulling me back in. I am excited to see if the ending lives up to the rest. That's all I got typeatyalater K Out!