Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Only one resolution, blog more next year, since this is only my 17th post of the year shouldn't be too hard lol.
K Out!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

I forget how much I miss blogging sometimes. It is so cathartic and helpful in keeping me sane, lol. I just don't know what to blog about since this started as my WoW blog and now that I only play on free holiday weekends I don't have that material anymore. I have done better this year as this is my 16th blog post after only posting 6 times all last year. I have tried to make notes of games I have been playing which is fun but most of the games I play are single player or the MMO's I have tried that have not stuck. I am also not big on paying full price for games so I don't have the current games to carry on a dialogue with people that are playing them too. I bought a PS4 and I have not even taken it out of the box yet because I don't want to play any of the games that are out for it yet (really wanted to play Watchdogs). I bought Secret World for $10 bucks on an Amazon lightning sale so I am gonna give it a try. I have been wanting to try guild wars 2 but I haven't seen it on sale very often (see a pattern). I also don't play games as much since I started dating my current girlfriend, plus I have been trying to be more active, I have been in a volleyball league both of the last 2 years from May through October. Honestly I am looking for an activity to do in the fall and winter months between volleyball, because my group of friends really don't hang out outside of volleyball as much. I didn't really have a point and this might seem a bit ranty but I don't mean it that way. I am thankful for anyone who still reads my random posts and I am thankful for all the great people I met playing WoW. I am not one of those people who thinks back on it as time wasted but more as time enjoyed with good friends. I was really poor when I was playing and it was really my only source of entertainment for a long time. It was affordable and engaging. So thank you to WoW and blogging for making my life more enjoyable even if I don't have the urge to login like I used to or post as often as I did, I still have fond memories and some great friends.
K Out!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I logged into WoW the last 2 days, but it's not what you think

They gave me 7 free days to play because of the new patch so I figured what the hell, login and say Hi to my friends. I still can't really hang out with them because I don't have any 90's and they are raiding 4 times a week. We'll see if I can get anywhere in the next couple days or if I will even login again, lol. I have mostly been spending my time playing Skyrim. I enjoy it a lot. I have been trying to play it mostly legit and just enjoy the huge world and all the fun little things going on. I did lose my best sidekick though and I have had like 10 horses die. I also have lost 2 of the 3 dogs available in the game so if I am able to get the third dog I may just leave him at home. That's all for now, typeatyalater
K Out!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Saints Row 4 is.....

Absolutely brilliant, totally ridiculous and insane but that's what makes it perfect. I have completed about 50% of the game and it is just crazy fun. I heartily recommend it if anyone still happens upon the old blog-o-mine. I have been having a blast with this game. Now back to playing it. typeatyaleter
K Out

Thursday, June 27, 2013

State of Decay is...

My current gaming addiction. I have played it every day for a week now. I haven't put this kind of time into a game in years. I have been lucky to play any game 2-3 times. This games addictive gameplay has kept me coming back for more. It is at its core a GTA game with a RTS world-building game on a small scale put together. Plus if one of your team dies, they are dead forever so be careful out there. You can be sneaky or you can play guns blazing but I am mostly a melee weapon user and kill as many zombies with cars as I can :) I am a little curious how the game ends and in a rare feat I may actually find out because this game has kept me coming back for more. typeatyalater
K Out!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Marvel Heroes is...

Very different from most of the games I've been playing lately. Only having one button for movement or just strictly moving with the mouse, which is what I have been doing, is definitely a change. I am used to so much more interactive environments. This is a tunnel vision type of game where you just follow the path and kill the bad guys. I find it fun though. I picked Hawkeye and you get right into the action. The first boss killed me, cause I was totally unprepared for the fight to start. I haven't got to the parts of the game where other players are at yet so we will see how it goes. I don't have a lot to say yet so that will be it for now, typeatyalater.
K Out!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Iamthetick is 88 and has been competitive :)

For a toon who has basically been leveled 85-88 through archaeology I am kind of surprised how well I am doing. I have gotten a few drops and dungeon quest upgrades but I have done maybe 5 Panderia quests with him. I am able to login for short bursts and do some archaeology and logout so it keeps me from burning out. Sometimes I will run one random just to keep my skills up. I am no great shakes but I am ok and that's all I hope for in my non grinding ways. Just a quick post today, typeatyalater K Out!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Lord of the Rings Online is....

Ok, for lack of a better word. Since I am all of level 3 my opinion should be taken with the appropriate salt grains. I am getting used to the differences from Wow. It actually plays a lot like Fallen Earth and has that same kind of graphical feel. I don't know if the graphics really speak to me the same way they do in Fallen Earth but it has it's moments. I like a lot of the design ideas with the voice and talking bubbles in the game. It is also really easy to get into the game. I will probably only play it very randomly but I have been curious for a long time and being as I have been playing Wow some lately I wanted to do a apples to apples comparison. Well, since I didn't put too much time in that's all I got. typeatyalater
K Out!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Iamthetick is 87 - we'll see if it sticks

I played a little over the weekend. I am starting to notice a pattern, I will get on a roll with a toon and get up to 87-88 and I will start to notice I am struggling to compete a little bit and then I start getting bored and set them aside. I have 2 toons almost 89 but have no desire to even log into them because they are not competitive. The worst part is I don't really care I am not planning on raiding at all but I do like to run the occasional dungeon and I hate feeling like I am the weak link. I just want to contribute you know. Well I will see if the same thing happens with my hunter I have been good this time I have not spent any time on any of my other toons except for mailing off items and banking spare junk. That's about all I got so thanks for all the fish, typeatyalater. K Out!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Housecleaning of Blogger done... mostly

I have for the last few days been going through all the blogs I followed and cleared out anyone who had not posted for over a year. Since I had not done this in a long time I ended up removing over 80 blogs from my feed. Since I post so infrequently I have not been following many new blogs out there. I am going to try to find some more blogs to follow and comment on I have a much more varied gameplay style now so I am going to try to find and highlight some of these that interest me (Android games, Xbox 360, PS3, MMO's, Steam, etc) I have been wanting to blog more and I think finding more entertaining things to read may increase my own productivity. I make no promises I have a tendency to say hey, I'm back and then not post for months but hey, wishful thinking never hurt anyone right
K Out!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Iamthetick is 86 woot!

So I have been playing a little bit here and there and I got my hunter to 86 today. My leveling method is very simple I am leveling my archaeology so I can try to get more mini-pets and queueing up for random dungeons. Occasionally I will do some pet battles and when I get to the higher levels I will start herbing too. Although thinking about it I should herb some of the lower herbs for auctioning too but I really don't want to do any auctioning, that is one of those menial tasks in game that I get bored with quickly and causes me to quit playing. I know I will have fun grouping with my friends if I ever get to 90 but the leveling slog is killing me. Well I have 50+ days left to try to get there with one of my toons so good luck to me, lol.
K Out!

Friday, April 26, 2013


Planning on picking up a game card her in the next few days. I think its time to log back in and hang with my friends :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My current playtime Castle TD on my phone

I have been really flighty with my gaming time the last month. I went on a binge and played SongPop hardcore on facebook for 2 weeks. The I found a castle defense game for Army of Darkness (which rules by the way if you are a fan) the only problem being it is too short a game only 50 levels and endless becomes easily beaten, So I have rekindled my love of castle defense game and have been adding them to my phone constantly. my favorite so far is Castle TD by Droidhong. Solid game just the right amount of difficulty where it only takes a few trys to figure out the stages, multiple difficulty levels and seemingly more development to be  done. I also like Fort Conquer but after about 150 levels and 150 arena battles it really becomes pay to win. I am just a glutton for punishment so I am willing to lose a lot to continue to advance. So that's my gaming right now, mobile games, whoda thunk it. As I continue my awkward gaming pilgrimage I will continue to update sporadically.
K Out!

Friday, February 1, 2013

World of Tanks - Got my first kill

Finally destroyed a tank on my own, and it was great. He had the high ground but I snuck behind the rock formation and blasted him. We lost the battle but I didn't care. I am winning about 50% of the time which is probably about average. I am still on only tier 1 tanks but I might get a tier 2 tank soon. its really fun

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

World of Tanks - Fun/Hard

I still really don't know what I'm doing and I learned a valuable lesson. Stay out of the deep water, lol. I am using the stock tanks, I don't know anything about my crew I am totally lost, but it is still crazy fun I am looking forward to learning about this game

My gametime has expired

So, I let my time lapse. I had quite a bit of fun and it was really great talking to all my friends again but I just didn't have the drive to keep going. I will probably be back sooner than later but for right now I am out. I am planning on keeping the blog up on a more regular basis though now. I noticed I missed spewing my nonsense out here even more than the game. So I will try to be a bug in the ear of my fellow gamers. I downloaded World of Tanks and am curious to see what it is all about, a lot of the bloggers I follow seem to enjoy it a lot so I will see how that goes. I am on a free-to-play account with Swtor but I haven't finished downloading the client yet. I still have some steam games to play and I have a huge pile of console games I picked up cheap from ebay so I have plenty of material to keep me entertained and to spout my dribble on here about. Well as I almost always say have fun and I'll typeatyalater
K Out!

Friday, January 11, 2013

It comes and goes

I have not logged in for the last three days, partly its just the menial slog to 90. I should have concentrated on one toon but as a crazy altoholic I have got 9 different toons in one state of leveling or another. I have been running 3-4 of them out of rested every time I log in so I thought I would take a break.  have 2 88's almost to 89 but it is going so slow I just can't get motivated to play them, and I don't like those dungeons at that level very much at all. I also have 3 at 85 and then one each at 84, 83, and 80 with my rogue at 29 and flying through levels with PVP and archaeology. I have gotten into a bit of a healing run with my disc priest but I am still very wary of tanking, its always been a gear and experience game and since I don't know the new runs that well I know I will get those annoying go go go dpser's and healers that start pulling for you. I don't have a problem letting them die but I know they will blame me for going slow or having crappy gear (which is true, lol). I don't know we'll see. I know if I could get a guild run I would be fine but they are running heroics and raiding and I am not sure how dedicated I am yet to waste their resources when I could quit at anytime and be gone. Well that was some word vomit, thanks for reading. K Out!