Saturday, May 11, 2013

Iamthetick is 86 woot!

So I have been playing a little bit here and there and I got my hunter to 86 today. My leveling method is very simple I am leveling my archaeology so I can try to get more mini-pets and queueing up for random dungeons. Occasionally I will do some pet battles and when I get to the higher levels I will start herbing too. Although thinking about it I should herb some of the lower herbs for auctioning too but I really don't want to do any auctioning, that is one of those menial tasks in game that I get bored with quickly and causes me to quit playing. I know I will have fun grouping with my friends if I ever get to 90 but the leveling slog is killing me. Well I have 50+ days left to try to get there with one of my toons so good luck to me, lol.
K Out!