Sunday, August 9, 2009

The new Patch

Well, its been an interesting week to say the least. Emblems of Conquest now rain down like water from the sky. Having 2 max level JC's has been really great for epic gem cuts. I am really of two minds on the new 5man. I like it because its actually kind of challenging, but at the same time its almost to much for some of the people I run with (and they have a habit of being easily frustrated). This new dungeon really displays the skill disparity between some of our guild members and is causing some issues. There were some pretty heavy repair bills on a run I missed. I have tanked and healed it on Heroic and its actually really fun to tank, and annoying to heal but it is a good challenge. Also I have made sure to do the H Daily on my priest everyday and trying on my tank and boomkin as much as I can. I have already gotten some nice upgrades on my pally and he is almost geared with all new epic gems. Also I have been working on my horde server fairly regularly leveling my hunter and DK. Its quite a change from alliance side on the low levels. I will also have my 5th 80 by the end of the week as my warlock hit 79 Saturday. He's a free agent currently and I will be crashing heroics like mad with him when I hit 80, I am thinking about putting him in a different guild from my other mains as kind of a trial run to see if I would want to be in a raiding guild. We'll see hot it goes. Still looking for a job too, the prospects are few and far between right now.