Friday, July 30, 2010

I've been trying to finish Reg Halls Of Reflection on my warlock

He doesn't have good enough gear to get in heroic according to lfg so I was trying to do it on regular to finish the quest chain. I got in a group we killed the first 2 bosses easily enough and the shield didn't drop so of course the tank bailed so he could re-queue. a couple of us waited 10 minutes or so, but when we didn't get anyone it fell apart. So I re-queued. I got the same tank with a whole different group. Blow through the first 2 bosses, no shield, he drops group again. Now this time I was with a very patient group. Everyone waited 35 minutes and we didn't get another tank, so everyone said thanks but I've got other things to do. I really appreciated that and they were great we talked about a bunch of stuff while we were waiting, they were a great group. I understand why the tank did it. but I would just like to put this out there. Its only another 10 minutes max, you really could help out everyone else and maybe get some good karma points for yourself towards getting the shield to drop.
K Out!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

No news is the S.O.P.

We are still working on ICC and I am still playing a wide variety of my toons. I have my mage almost 78 and am having a blast having my Boomkin over here. I even got my boomkin in our 2nd raid team. He does some pretty good dps if I do say so. I also healed in tree spec with him for the first time ever. It was on festergut. I hadn't actually healed on my druid since a failed heroic at 70 while still boomkin specced. We were having some trouble keeping the tanks up so I offered my newly dual-specced services. It worked out but I really didn't feel like I was that needed once I was there. It seemed really easy although we barely beat the enrage so my dps was missed :) Just plugging away having fun and killing stuff.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Its funny I thought I was a little burnt out

It turns out all I needed to do was transfer my Boomkin over and it cured all my ills. Its weird because it has gotten me playing all my other toons more too. I have been running more in the last week then I think I had in the three weeks previous. We started our second raid team up again and I got my priest in there it was kind of fun. I now have 6 80's on the server and my mage is 77 making great progress through. I am so glad you can start the tournament at 77 it really helps make for speedy leveling. My mage already has 50 triumph emblems thanks to the daily random dungeon. I have been leveling frost and I am going to keep a frost spec because right now it just works so well for me. I am consistently hitting 2200-2400 dps at 77 Deep Freeze really makes Frost a strong spec and I have gotten crits as high as 12000 with it already. I like big numbers :)

PS when you haven't been in ToC 10 for a few months it can be brutal when they put the weekly in there.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's not that easy to gear up your alts.

Well it is but trying to do the heroic grind on some of my alts just makes me not want to play. I did a little math and to get the 4 piece t9 and the triumph helm it would take you 59 heroic dungeons to get that done. I can barely do one or two before I start losing my marbles I've done them all so many times. Normally this leads me to playing my alts but now that they are all in Northrend its more of the same dungeons I've run so many times I just can't do them anymore and quests I've done 5 or 6 times that don't interest me right now. I have 4 71-76 alts I don't really feel like playing much and 8 80's 3 who don't really need gear and 5 that need so much it gets frustrating thinking about grinding out more. So yes epics may be falling from the sky but just because they are doesn't make getting them really that fast or very much fun. I almost feel like I should start an arena team like I did in BC but I haven't been doing any pvp so I don't have any pvp gear and thinking about grinding for it well see above lol. I do miss bg's a little bit so maybe I will do a little pvp and see if that feels more fun.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quick note: A link to the PPI's post on Forum Real-ID Requirement

There is a great discussion going on here. I hope you can take the time to read and if you feel like it post what you think of this. I am against having to use Real-ID to post on the forums. I know there are many reasons why this isn't good and I hope Blizzard sees how wrong this is.

Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm a little mad at Blizzard

They taunted me with the Frigid Frostling. I got it on my Druid on my old server the first day of the holiday. I just play him because he's one of my favorite toons and I have an insane amount of fun being a boomkin. I didn't transfer him because I still wanted to have one decently geared toon over there to be able to run stuff with a few of my friends who still have toons there. So anyway got the frigid frostling first day, and then proceeded to run it on my main everyday for the rest of the holiday (except for this weekend as I was out of town visiting friends and attending a wedding, and had a great time). Of course no luck. I also missed a day when Blizzard had our server down for 24 hours (thanks for doing that during a holiday, grrr). Now I am not crazy pet collector or anything but I have spent a good amount of time collecting them and have 57 pets (some of you probably think that is crazy, but trust me I know someone who is upset there is not an achievement for 125 pets). I was collecting pets before the had the cool pet tab and had a bag with a bunch of pets in it and carried some of my favorites with me all the time. I even used to have a thing where I would bring out mini-wing when were having a hard time because it almost always brought us good luck. So nothing game breaking by any means but it is a cool pet and I was just disappointed that I couldn't get it this year. I will more than likely still be playing next year but hey you never know(TOR could have a mighty pull).