Thursday, July 22, 2010

No news is the S.O.P.

We are still working on ICC and I am still playing a wide variety of my toons. I have my mage almost 78 and am having a blast having my Boomkin over here. I even got my boomkin in our 2nd raid team. He does some pretty good dps if I do say so. I also healed in tree spec with him for the first time ever. It was on festergut. I hadn't actually healed on my druid since a failed heroic at 70 while still boomkin specced. We were having some trouble keeping the tanks up so I offered my newly dual-specced services. It worked out but I really didn't feel like I was that needed once I was there. It seemed really easy although we barely beat the enrage so my dps was missed :) Just plugging away having fun and killing stuff.

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