Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm a little mad at Blizzard

They taunted me with the Frigid Frostling. I got it on my Druid on my old server the first day of the holiday. I just play him because he's one of my favorite toons and I have an insane amount of fun being a boomkin. I didn't transfer him because I still wanted to have one decently geared toon over there to be able to run stuff with a few of my friends who still have toons there. So anyway got the frigid frostling first day, and then proceeded to run it on my main everyday for the rest of the holiday (except for this weekend as I was out of town visiting friends and attending a wedding, and had a great time). Of course no luck. I also missed a day when Blizzard had our server down for 24 hours (thanks for doing that during a holiday, grrr). Now I am not crazy pet collector or anything but I have spent a good amount of time collecting them and have 57 pets (some of you probably think that is crazy, but trust me I know someone who is upset there is not an achievement for 125 pets). I was collecting pets before the had the cool pet tab and had a bag with a bunch of pets in it and carried some of my favorites with me all the time. I even used to have a thing where I would bring out mini-wing when were having a hard time because it almost always brought us good luck. So nothing game breaking by any means but it is a cool pet and I was just disappointed that I couldn't get it this year. I will more than likely still be playing next year but hey you never know(TOR could have a mighty pull).

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Luxuren & Luxuran @ Twilight Hammer said...

HER: Aren't we all. :P. I thought of trying for the pet, but it just feels like a gimmick to get you to play daily, without much reward. And I question if it'll be around for next year.