Monday, March 28, 2011

Youbethca is 82!

Its been a long time since I did a ding post. I am slowly working my Shammy up to 85 over with the Effers. They had a Jeopardy Fishing Party yesterday which was pretty funny. I forgot how much fun just hanging out in vent with the guild can be. The bunnies only get into vent during raids, and when I was in the Corsairs we were in vent all the time whenever we were online, sometimes even when were not in Wow. It was good to here Grimm again he had been gone from the Bunnies for a while I'm glad he invited me over to their guild, everyone has been great. I hope I can contribute more than a few fish to the cause someday.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wow 6 posts in a month I must be enjoying the scenery again

I haven't posted this much in a month since last July. I would like to say its because I have something to say finally, but mostly I think its just I am having fun again and the game kind of feels new again and I am taking my time to explore it rather than just speed through everything and miss out on the little things. I find myself reading quests and taking my time to get things done. I am jumping between characters frequently as well. I also am having a blast hanging with the Effers they know how to keep it fun and it sounds like they are making a little progress too. I am not focused on that right now so its not something I am paying a lot of attention to. But much fun is being had by most as far as I can tell :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Its weird not knowing what to do

Having been MT for quite some time I used to do a lot of research and practice runs and all kinds of things so that I would try to know what was going to happen before it actually happened. Well, as I have not entered a dungeon in a couple months and have run the Cata ones 1-3 times at most I have no bloomin idea whats going on or whats happening during any of the fights now. In a way its kind of refreshing and as I was in as damage I just did what I was told. Its also a little annoying though, because I expect better from myself. I like to be able to perform my role to the best of my ability no matter my gear level. I am sure they will all become easy and repetitive soon enough but for now its a fascinating look at how I am playing the game from this new perspective.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mining for XP :)

I still dig it, I may level my new DK strictly with mining and incidental combat (leave me alone mob standing 20 feet from the mine you can't mine it anyways). Its fun just running around listening in guild chat and just enjoying the game again. I am pretty sure I am gonna transfer my Shammy over to be my feeder toon. He is still only 80 but I like playing him and I am pretty good at it so if I put in a little effort I might be a decent backup lol. Who needs cannon fodder "We Do, We Do!!" I only have one plan and thats to have fun, everything else is gravy boats.

K Out!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Todays JC Daily: Nibbler No!

I don't know if its the same for everyone on the server or if its random for everyone. I decided to log over on to my old toons to see what I was doing and figured I would at least do the JC daily. It was easy so that was a bonus :) Mostly it makes me wonder what I am going to do. I am really enjoying the new leveling so I will keep going on my new toons but it would be nice to have a toon I could think about getting ready for raiding. I am wondering what role I would best provide and still have fun? I have extensive experience in endgame content as a prot/ret pally but I have almost zero interest in playing him right now. I have also done some raiding as Elem/Enhc Shammy, Boomkin/Tree, and Disc/Holy priest. I have also maxed out every class except rogue its a very interesting conundrum really. The Boomkin is 85 and pretty far along in enchanting everything else is in 80/81 limbo. Well I will see how it goes, have fun out there everyone.

K Out!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back in the game!

Well I logged back in setup my addons and created a couple new characters over on Grimms server. I am now a member of Eff the Ineffable. It seems like an awesome place to hang out, guild chat was busy without being annoying, everybody seemed pretty cool and there are some much more well known bloggers than me. I almost had a bit of a Fanboy moment when I heard who one of our guildies was, but I restrained myself. I was shocked someone in the guild besides Grimm had actually heard of me. First time in game someone I didn't know or contact first actually had heard of me. I have to admit that was kind of cool. So we will see how the return to the world (of warcraft) goes but for now fun is the rule, and tonight was pretty fun. I ran thorough the new Gnome starting area which is pretty well done if I must say, a little short compared to the newest races but you can't have everything lol. I am not quite ready to commit to transferring anything over but we'll see how it goes. So anyways, its good to be back

K Out!

Monday, March 7, 2011

So I re-installed Wow...

Yet I haven't logged back in yet. Why you ask, well thanks for asking but I don't know. I was given a invitation to join in some fun with one of my old guild mates that I am seriously considering. I even got my addons installed yet I haven't logged in to get them all setup how I like them so I will have to do that first. So I am almost ready to go, I just have to figure out what that means to me.

K Out!