Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back in the game!

Well I logged back in setup my addons and created a couple new characters over on Grimms server. I am now a member of Eff the Ineffable. It seems like an awesome place to hang out, guild chat was busy without being annoying, everybody seemed pretty cool and there are some much more well known bloggers than me. I almost had a bit of a Fanboy moment when I heard who one of our guildies was, but I restrained myself. I was shocked someone in the guild besides Grimm had actually heard of me. First time in game someone I didn't know or contact first actually had heard of me. I have to admit that was kind of cool. So we will see how the return to the world (of warcraft) goes but for now fun is the rule, and tonight was pretty fun. I ran thorough the new Gnome starting area which is pretty well done if I must say, a little short compared to the newest races but you can't have everything lol. I am not quite ready to commit to transferring anything over but we'll see how it goes. So anyways, its good to be back

K Out!


lonomonkey said...

I'm in your guild,
now I'm in your blog commenting!
Welcome to the insanity from the monkey!

Morehnai aka Lonomonkey

Apple said...

Welcome to our little blogger haven. XD I kind of love how it's become sort of an unofficial blogger hangout in WoW. Sort of like only with progression raiding!

Zelmaru said...

Don't forget to sign up for the eff forums so you can see us yap away.

Mister K said...

Thanks everybody!!