Saturday, March 19, 2011

Its weird not knowing what to do

Having been MT for quite some time I used to do a lot of research and practice runs and all kinds of things so that I would try to know what was going to happen before it actually happened. Well, as I have not entered a dungeon in a couple months and have run the Cata ones 1-3 times at most I have no bloomin idea whats going on or whats happening during any of the fights now. In a way its kind of refreshing and as I was in as damage I just did what I was told. Its also a little annoying though, because I expect better from myself. I like to be able to perform my role to the best of my ability no matter my gear level. I am sure they will all become easy and repetitive soon enough but for now its a fascinating look at how I am playing the game from this new perspective.


Luxuren & Luxuran @ Twilight Hammer said...

HER: Luxa popping in to say hey~. ^^. It's been a while since we've posted too. :p. Though with the new expansion, we've been up to a lot (so technically should be posting...)! O.O. And boyfriend and I now have four 85s.

For your class post, my main is still a hunter and it's still my favorite class!! Maybe it's time for you to jump classes or maybe, you should re-explore paladin. ;).

Christine said...

I agree with you Mister K as what the title says in your post, I pretty much 80% retired being healer at the moment, I am actually having fun being shadow priest, aside from playing my priest for years, I did level my Rogue to 85 now too but still need works on gears and rep grinding.

I also have a DK but i only use her for my JC daily and mining shes not 85 yet but might plan to play her soon... i agree with lux about re-exploring diff classes or as like you said a paladine. Anyway goodluck hon!

Mister K said...

Thanks :)

I have been moving between my many 80's to see which direction gives me the most pull. I am kind of playing it slow so I will just see how it goes.