Friday, October 15, 2010

Quick Note

I have been in game a little bit this week. Just trying to take it all in. I haven't even logged in on my pally yet. Only my Boomkin is fully gemmed, talented, glyphed, regemmed and reforged. I am not sure all of those are exactly the way I want them and I have to get new boot made because a while back I had the cloth boots made and now with Leather Specialization I am missing out on that boost, but without really knowing what I was doing I dropped almost 10k on Raz in the weekly. I think once I get my rotation down well I will really be blowing stuff up big time. I have logged onto my shammy, mage, hunter, and priest as well and am in the process of getting them ready to do stuff but I haven't even logged into my pally, warrior, dk, or warlock. The warlocks and pallys in guild have not been very happy about there toons so I have been a little tentative. I don't play my warrior or dk much so no hurry there lol. I have plusses and minuses on the new things but I'm not ready to get real in depth with it I will just leave you with two thoughts.

XP from herbing, I kind of like it but in a way it feels like a bit too much I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.
I am a huge fan of reforging. I think it might be a little too cheap cause for 10 gold that is a no brainer, and I kind of thought it would be something that you would need to work for but I'm not gonna complain because it is working out great for me :)
Thats all for now
K Out!