Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So far so good

Meant to post more this week just haven't had alot to say, until Now. I GOT MY SWIFT FLIGHT FORM WOOT!! Ok sorry but its my first toon with artisan riding and it is awesome. Magic brooms ftw, I mean I just go super fast and I know if I had not had the magic broom I would not have got the quest done nearly as fast and when I heard they were getting rid of the quest requirement and were going to be selling it I made it my mission to get it before that came out. If I get motivated maybe I'll post my first pic, real blogging here I come.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'd like to think of our guild as a fairly drama free place, we are almost all real life friends and I have met all but 2 people in the real world (That will be 1 by the end of the year). That was the case until last night. Last week one of our members who had left to join some more progressed guilds to do some raiding had come back to join us because we just have more fun (yeah for fun and friends). As we are a casual guild this was a simple thing to re-invite an old friend. Well in that time Shiranui had made friends with plenty of people in the other guilds she had joined to find a raiding guild she liked. I had run with quite a few of them and actually counted a few of them as wow-friends (my term use it if you like). Well when Shir came back one of those friends started taking issue with her leaving the guild he was in and was messaging her that she was bailing on him and stuff like that. It actually was getting a little out of hand and he went so far as to delete his account for a short period of time. Now he's got his account back and wanted to be friends again and while I was off watching Heroes because the server had shutdown. The server came back up and he got invited into our guild. I got a call about this from one of my friends and in the short amount of time they got a group to go kill Onyxia and wanted to know if I wanted to come along. Well since I had never gotten to do that yet I logged on Newguy as the second healer and went down there. Now I had never had a problem with this guy before and maybe I am just over-reacting but I am not really excited about him joining our guild. I know he could push us into way more progressed content then we had even imagined but at what cost? Within the hour he was talking about inviting other people into our guild and I am just not sure if we are ready to take that kind of plunge to start recruiting people that one person a couple of us kind of know thinks should be in our guild. I am going to have to stew on this one for a little while. If you have any opinions let me know.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Instance server not found is the most horribad statement ever(Yes I said horribad its that bad). We had a guild run for Kara ready to go, couldn't get in. Fine lets go do a heroic, no dice can't get in. Fine went and got exalted with Argent Dawn (Yeah for that at least). Next day, after many kills of the headless horseman, heroic daily?? "sure". No dice still broken. We are now able to run any instance and Kara (and probably ZA) and we can't even get in, this is ridiculous. Now I'm not gonna go on some rant about how I'm gonna quit the game or some other stupid over exaggeration I am just frustrated, not just for myself but for my guildies who haven't even finished kara yet. This was a legitimate chance to clear it with 8/10 guild members and we got shut out, not fun.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Curse of Altitis

First I have to say the changes to spellpower make me a happy camper. All my healing gear turned into sweet sweet shockadin gear and I was just wrecking people in EOTS. It was the most fun I have had in a battleground since the first few I went in. Be that as it may I am not enjoying the respeccing of all my toons. My Horde toons are good to go but as they are low level and Bloodscalp was way more stable it was easy. I really love the new Pet talent trees and the additional stable slots is awesome. I have only got to spec my hunter and pally though yet (and I am probably not staying shockadin no matter how much fun it is because I still like to tank). I still have 7 more toons to get setup and will probably be leveling my shaman quite a bit since I switched him to Inscription. Well hopefully the server will be way more stable tonight and I can have some more fun

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Patch Day!!

I can't help it I'm excited. I wasn't playing at the time of the last expansion so I've been playing catchup I am so ready for the gear reset so that I can gear up and be on a level playing field with most everybody. Also exotic pets HAHAHAHA!!! Sorry I get sidetracked easily sometimes. Good news on the guild front. With all the pug Karas we've been doing word is starting to spread and we are making a bit of a name for ourselves out there. I have had at least 5 people in the last week ask me if we are recruiting, and one of our original members Shiranui came back to the team which is great, we missed Shir and are glad to get the band back together(I know overused but a first time for me here so deal). Anyways I'll tell a little of our Kara run on Saturday. We started out really well and got a group together pretty fast(being known has its advantages) We were burning stuff down fast and furious but we lost a couple people at Maiden we replaced them quickly enough but the replacements slowed the pace down and we lost 3 more after curator and then it took us forever to find some people to fill in and then it was kind of a comedy of errors on Shade, but progress is progress. I am really hoping to get a full clear done this weekend for some of the guys who haven't seen every boss fight yet. That's the plan anyway.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kara on Farm LOL (well sorta)

Now if you have read my blog at all you know this is definitely not the case for our guild. Heck our guild is a shell right now because of defections to other games (WAR grrr...). We can barely run a 5-man right now and with Lafrentz not playing we have to pug a healer to do heroics, and if I don't log in everybody has trouble running anything because I'm really the only geared tank we have (although Gracus is doing everything he can to get geared up). Well anyways on Sunday I was just doing a quick LFG and I switched over to see who was in for Kara and I got whispered if we wanted to join a group, now I was on my hunter Iamthetick who I would love to get into kara but they really wanted me because I had a Tank in my group (Gracus) but I know he's not ready for kara by any means but his warlock (Atla) has been in and he can do acceptable damage for what we were trying to do. So I told the guy we were on our alts but I could log my tank and bring a warlock. We got invited after switching around the guy that started the group ended up leaving before we got started but eventually I got a full group together and lead us into Kara (yeah!) I was able to get Wigeon in on the run as well and since he and Atla were really the only undergeared guys we had they got anything the wanted. Well we had a pretty good group and except for a wipe on Maiden we oneshotted every boss through the curator. On maiden the dps didn't wait for me to get ag and since she does that silencing thing it takes a while for me to build it anyway, we decided to have the warrior offtank tank her and I switched to my healing gear real quick. Got Big Bad Wolf on Opera so that was cool (easy mode, I've still never done Crone yet). Also Atla got the T4 off of Curator, by then it was pretty late so we ended up calling it there. Any progress anybody in our guild has in Kara is going to be in groups like this so I am going to keep on the lookout for groups whenever I see other people on. I talked to Lafrentz earlier today and he said Killfrog one of our rogues had some ideas for the guild so I am going to talk to him after work today and see what he has in mind. Now I know what your thinking you are not the guild leader and your right but our old defacto guild leader got promoted to guild master and then promptly quit playing to go play WAR so I have my alt guild and am working as kind of new defacto guild leader on our main guild now as well as raid leader. Not a good mix so I will have to do something about that. I'll post more about that later