Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kara on Farm LOL (well sorta)

Now if you have read my blog at all you know this is definitely not the case for our guild. Heck our guild is a shell right now because of defections to other games (WAR grrr...). We can barely run a 5-man right now and with Lafrentz not playing we have to pug a healer to do heroics, and if I don't log in everybody has trouble running anything because I'm really the only geared tank we have (although Gracus is doing everything he can to get geared up). Well anyways on Sunday I was just doing a quick LFG and I switched over to see who was in for Kara and I got whispered if we wanted to join a group, now I was on my hunter Iamthetick who I would love to get into kara but they really wanted me because I had a Tank in my group (Gracus) but I know he's not ready for kara by any means but his warlock (Atla) has been in and he can do acceptable damage for what we were trying to do. So I told the guy we were on our alts but I could log my tank and bring a warlock. We got invited after switching around the guy that started the group ended up leaving before we got started but eventually I got a full group together and lead us into Kara (yeah!) I was able to get Wigeon in on the run as well and since he and Atla were really the only undergeared guys we had they got anything the wanted. Well we had a pretty good group and except for a wipe on Maiden we oneshotted every boss through the curator. On maiden the dps didn't wait for me to get ag and since she does that silencing thing it takes a while for me to build it anyway, we decided to have the warrior offtank tank her and I switched to my healing gear real quick. Got Big Bad Wolf on Opera so that was cool (easy mode, I've still never done Crone yet). Also Atla got the T4 off of Curator, by then it was pretty late so we ended up calling it there. Any progress anybody in our guild has in Kara is going to be in groups like this so I am going to keep on the lookout for groups whenever I see other people on. I talked to Lafrentz earlier today and he said Killfrog one of our rogues had some ideas for the guild so I am going to talk to him after work today and see what he has in mind. Now I know what your thinking you are not the guild leader and your right but our old defacto guild leader got promoted to guild master and then promptly quit playing to go play WAR so I have my alt guild and am working as kind of new defacto guild leader on our main guild now as well as raid leader. Not a good mix so I will have to do something about that. I'll post more about that later

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