Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Patch Day!!

I can't help it I'm excited. I wasn't playing at the time of the last expansion so I've been playing catchup I am so ready for the gear reset so that I can gear up and be on a level playing field with most everybody. Also exotic pets HAHAHAHA!!! Sorry I get sidetracked easily sometimes. Good news on the guild front. With all the pug Karas we've been doing word is starting to spread and we are making a bit of a name for ourselves out there. I have had at least 5 people in the last week ask me if we are recruiting, and one of our original members Shiranui came back to the team which is great, we missed Shir and are glad to get the band back together(I know overused but a first time for me here so deal). Anyways I'll tell a little of our Kara run on Saturday. We started out really well and got a group together pretty fast(being known has its advantages) We were burning stuff down fast and furious but we lost a couple people at Maiden we replaced them quickly enough but the replacements slowed the pace down and we lost 3 more after curator and then it took us forever to find some people to fill in and then it was kind of a comedy of errors on Shade, but progress is progress. I am really hoping to get a full clear done this weekend for some of the guys who haven't seen every boss fight yet. That's the plan anyway.

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