Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Instance server not found is the most horribad statement ever(Yes I said horribad its that bad). We had a guild run for Kara ready to go, couldn't get in. Fine lets go do a heroic, no dice can't get in. Fine went and got exalted with Argent Dawn (Yeah for that at least). Next day, after many kills of the headless horseman, heroic daily?? "sure". No dice still broken. We are now able to run any instance and Kara (and probably ZA) and we can't even get in, this is ridiculous. Now I'm not gonna go on some rant about how I'm gonna quit the game or some other stupid over exaggeration I am just frustrated, not just for myself but for my guildies who haven't even finished kara yet. This was a legitimate chance to clear it with 8/10 guild members and we got shut out, not fun.

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