Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'd like to think of our guild as a fairly drama free place, we are almost all real life friends and I have met all but 2 people in the real world (That will be 1 by the end of the year). That was the case until last night. Last week one of our members who had left to join some more progressed guilds to do some raiding had come back to join us because we just have more fun (yeah for fun and friends). As we are a casual guild this was a simple thing to re-invite an old friend. Well in that time Shiranui had made friends with plenty of people in the other guilds she had joined to find a raiding guild she liked. I had run with quite a few of them and actually counted a few of them as wow-friends (my term use it if you like). Well when Shir came back one of those friends started taking issue with her leaving the guild he was in and was messaging her that she was bailing on him and stuff like that. It actually was getting a little out of hand and he went so far as to delete his account for a short period of time. Now he's got his account back and wanted to be friends again and while I was off watching Heroes because the server had shutdown. The server came back up and he got invited into our guild. I got a call about this from one of my friends and in the short amount of time they got a group to go kill Onyxia and wanted to know if I wanted to come along. Well since I had never gotten to do that yet I logged on Newguy as the second healer and went down there. Now I had never had a problem with this guy before and maybe I am just over-reacting but I am not really excited about him joining our guild. I know he could push us into way more progressed content then we had even imagined but at what cost? Within the hour he was talking about inviting other people into our guild and I am just not sure if we are ready to take that kind of plunge to start recruiting people that one person a couple of us kind of know thinks should be in our guild. I am going to have to stew on this one for a little while. If you have any opinions let me know.

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