Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tis' The Season

Merry Christmas Bloggers. It's so good to be back :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

WOW Pokemon - I am addicted

I have been Pet Battling like a maniac. I have 3 level 25 pets 2 leveled from scratch :) I was a long time collector of pets before so I had a huge advantage to someone just starting out, I was sitting with 110 unique pets already and some really nice rare ones. I have found that pets who resurrect are very powerful. I have 2 pets with heals 2 who resurrect and two damage over time abilities. I have already beat all the trainers through Northrend, although the guy at the Argent tournament took 2 tries he was tough. I am currently leveling up a bunch of my rare pets I must have 30 between 5 and 10, I take my low level Rogue skinner out and grind leather and pet battle and PVP. All the new heirloom gear has made him an absolute beast. I had never leveled a rogue above 18 before now I am 21 and just having a ton of fun pissing off people in PVP, I will just Sap them as the run by, or wait til the start taking a base then bam Sap, so much fun. Well I will have a report on more of my misadventures soon, Chow is almost 89, I am not a big fan of the dungeons he can run and questing is so slow at that level, he is doing quite a bit of farming too. Is there a new name for farming mats now that there is actual farming in the game? Just wondered, typeatyalater
K Out!

Monday, December 10, 2012


Getting Back into it
So as you may have noticed I have been quiet since my post about re-installing. I wasn't sure how this was going to go so I wanted to see how  I did for a while. Its been almost a month now and while I am on a time card instead of a sub I guess you could say I'm back. I still have no love for the Cataclysm content that made me quit in the first place (screenshot notwithstanding). I am in my second Pandaria Zone with Chowyunfat and I have even done a little farming, lol. I still have not done a single daily though, the never ending string of dailies was part of my downfall so I will see what happens at 90 :) So far though I am enjoying it, the new zones are huge and the quests are different enough that it hasn't bored me yet. I have spent a large part of my time PVPing and dungeoning my army of 80's through to 85 because after going through Hyjal again and about half of Deepholm I have no desire to do any more Cata quests than I have to and mostly that is just to open portals for easier access to mining and herbing and later pet collecting :) I will say the Pet Battling thing is very addictive and I really am enjoying raising my little army of Pets as a former collector of pets I had quite an army of pets anyways so I have some excellent ones to choose from. Well now, I don't know if this is going to become a habit again but I will see. I missed blogging regularly and will see if Wow brings back my passion for word vomit, lol. typeatyalater
K Out

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Total Download Remaining 17.5gb

I was able to get to the character selection screen already but trying to get logged in crashes the game. Details to follow at a later date

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Knock, Knock,,,, Anybody home?

I am alive! I also have been gaming a little which is really weird. Most of my gaming has been console based and non-multiplayer. After Wow I just didn't want to deal with anybody, lol. I did pick up the new Assassins Creed and tried out its multiplayer though and its kind of fun. I like pretending to be an NPC and then BLAM, Spike through your head, hahahaha. I have also re-upped with Star Wars (although I haven't logged in yet (I know, right) so I can get my credits for being a member before the free-to-play transition. I figured I would play a little hear and there once it goes f2p and at least get through the story and see how it goes. That is all for now K Out!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Because I felt like saying Hi!

Long time no see. I miss blogging sometimes, and I have some reasonable excuses like my old computer dying a painful death and work sucking the mighty. I also have not been gaming much at all to speak of. I am currently unsubbed to all games, though I do have some time left in SWTOR, and Fallen Earth is FTP but I haven't installed it on my new rig yet. My most recent gaming has been console based with a little time spent on the new Twisted Metal (don't like the controls much) and SSX (fun but derivative). Solid first post of the year (lol). Hope everyone else is having more fun than me.
K Out!