Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Because I felt like saying Hi!

Long time no see. I miss blogging sometimes, and I have some reasonable excuses like my old computer dying a painful death and work sucking the mighty. I also have not been gaming much at all to speak of. I am currently unsubbed to all games, though I do have some time left in SWTOR, and Fallen Earth is FTP but I haven't installed it on my new rig yet. My most recent gaming has been console based with a little time spent on the new Twisted Metal (don't like the controls much) and SSX (fun but derivative). Solid first post of the year (lol). Hope everyone else is having more fun than me.
K Out!


sapphirecrown said...


I think you should write moar. Just sayin'.

Like I should randomly take a daytrip down near Ankeny. Just sayin'.

Really though, write more! I love stalking in the digital landscape!

Mister K said...

I should write, do you really want to go there? But you definitely should come for a visit. I will work on my writing too, ideas are swirling, but I think I need a new outlet gaming is not my passion right now.

Sarkoth77 said...

Sorry to bug you as I am sure you get messages like this all the time, but I was wondering if you could take a few minutes to watch this Wow video I made showing how to not play the game (comedy). thanks, Sarkoth77.