Saturday, October 29, 2011

So they gave me a free week of WOW and...

The most interesting change I can tell is that you can rearrange the orders your characters are in on the login screen. People have been asking for that for years so at least somebody was listening, lol. I still had no ambition to do anything quest related. I did get to talk to some of my friends which was great (Hi Swan, Grimm, Dedi, Pintail, Drusky, Lafrentz and everybody else). I think part of the problem for me is the underwater zone. I logged unto my Shaman there and I just logged right out I didn't want anything to do with that zone. I also didn't want to queue up for anything although I thought I might hit the headless horseman for old times sake. I have a few days left so I'm sure I will get back in at least once more for old times sake and to see if some of the other peeps are logged on so I can say hey. Typeatyalater
K Out!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Am Informative....

So, I was looking at my stats since blogger started its own built-in option and found out my most popular post ever is..... The Argent Quartermasters Location with 897 views in a little over a year. While I am glad I am a good mapquest for the folks out there what I am really glad to note is the second most viewed post, it is my 200th post which was an excellent guest post from one of my favorite bloggers and friend Grimmtooth. Who continues to be a much more prolific blogger than myself and churns out entertaining info on a regular basis. A fun look back
K Out!