Thursday, April 16, 2009

Please don't put points in Sacred Cleansing

This is a Rant! Please do not put points in Sacred Cleansing!! I am by no means an expert Holy Paladin but please for the love of all things Holy (get it) do not put points in Sacred Cleansing. It might be the worst talent of any build of any spec of any class in the game. A 3/10 chance to give a 3/10 chance to resist a debuff. Ughhh!! This is completely worthless in PVE and not even really worth it in PVP although somewhat defensible in that aspect of the game. So please if you read this and know someone who doesn't now better let them know they are making the rest of us "want to eat a bee" (I stole that quote from Ferraro of Paladin Schmaladin). Thank you /end rant


Anonymous said...

No, this talent is epic, seeing two shatter combos and poly being resisted while your dps waste their partner is hilarious.

Mister K said...

I could see in Arena it having some usefulness but dispels are a much bigger part of the Arena game.