Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Toon Update

I noticed its been a while since my last toon update, so on with my rambling about me. ;)
Mistrk 80: Waiting for raids, I am ready to raid just waiting for my guild to catch up. I will probably run more heroics to help gear people. Also have been crafting my ret set for dual specs.

Chowyunfat 80: Needs to gear up in Heroics but since we only have 1 other tank I don't get much chance to dps, might start pugging once in a while.

Newguy 78: Kind of in Limbo, I should just level him to 80 and start pugging like a madman because all I ever see is lfm need heals. I just don't feel like running him much.

Warriorbarbi 74: Mid level tank sitting there if the midlevel alts need a tank for an instance. I like where she is at, will leave her there.

Septictank 71: Has been my main focus lately after playing the DK in the Arena tournament (we got back over 1500, woot!) I just started having more fun leveling him up. Also skinning like a madman to level my leatherworking up for some nice boe purples for me and my friends.

Iamthetick 72: Has been on alot since he is my Alchemist, Leatherworker but just to do profession stuff. I think he will get some play though when the patch comes out as I mess around with the new pet talents and test out some new pets.

Psychostick 63: On a tear lately, we have a group that basically all levels and runs together and he got to tag along from like 50 to 62 so it has been a good run, they are starting to pass me up but I might be able to keep up if I keep playing him this week.

Happymadison 50: My mage is sitting waiting for when I am ready to start pushing her to outland, probably when I get her JC maxed out and need to level to move on to the next level.

Surething 24: I really want to level him up but between everyone else he sits there with his fancy BoA shoulders waiting til I get motivated.

I have even got some time in on my horde toons here and there really want to see the Outland/Northrend experience from the horde perspective, but it usually sits on the back burner, or when Nath is down, oh well.

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