Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friday Naxx run

It looks like this weeks Naxx run is going to be a go. We have a bunch of people signed up already so it should be good. I am basically just playing my alts until then because there is not much I can do unless I get a 25 Vault spot to work on the new boss. I am really enjoying leveling up my warlock and it seems like there are a ton of people leveling alts because I keep getting into dungeon runs. I am going to hit 68 before I even get done with half of the Zanger quests. which is fine by me because I will be heading to Northrend at 68 covered in dungeon blues. Makes for easy leveling. I only have a level and a half to go too. I pretty much split my time between my warlock and my DK getting them both leveled up. I want to push my priest but it just is so boring doing quests with him, so he sits halfway through 78. Oh well

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