Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Stone Watcher requires mad dps (And I don't got it)

A friend of mine invited me to a 25man Vault pug as dps. Now I usually pull around 1900-2200 dps in heroics depending on the fights, and I am still working on getting my gear up to snuff on the ret side but that fight is so melee unfriendly I was barely pushing 1600. First you have to wait until the tank establishes good threat to lay in, then you have to back away from the Novas which kills my dps then I have to run over to the other side to work on the enraged add which any time spent moving kills my dps. So if you are bringing melee dps make sure they are mad geared or just grab more ranged dps if you can. At least I saw a good tanking strategy work so the next time I try it I know what I'm doing there.

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