Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good raidng (for us anyways)

Well, we have pretty much got OS with no Drakes and Archavon down to quick runs whenever we have at least 8 people on. We 9manned both encounters last night with no deaths in less than an hour, which is somewhere I never thought we would be at. Where we can just say hey lets do OS, and go do it like its just another 5man. Of course everybody else has already done that for months but I am going to enjoy it since I am able to do it with my uber-casual friends and family guild. I know the hardcore out there probably think that's just another nail in the Wotlk is to easy coffin but we actually have some pretty skilled members in our guild who would probably all be in Ulduar if they wanted to be but are sticking with us because we are all friends. I'd love to say we got a whole bunch of sweet loot but we ended up sharding the stuff from Vault because we didn't bring a rogue. Also I don't know about anybody else in the guild but unless its something really specific I've been trying to get or something really sweet I don't really care about the loot. I just want to kill more bosses lol. I will note however we have gotten the timed run in Culling done twice now, and I actually got the second one (yeah me! ok so maybe I like some loot, hahaha). I am going to work hard to get everybody one and get a screenshot with our whole guild on bronze drakes. Should be a good time.

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