Monday, April 27, 2009

Progress and crappy pugs

So our very small guild (11 actual people with 80's) got together to do 10man Naxx on Friday, It was a little bittersweet because our OT told us at the start he could not stay on late so we only had time to do one wing. Only 2 of our dps had been in before at all so we just did Spider wing. It went really well with only 2 wipes one where we didn't space properly for the silence effects on Anub'Rekhan and I died not understanding the whole not able to do anything aspect. But second time no problem. We one shotted the Grand Widow , luckily we had the dps to burn her pretty quick because we miss timed killing one of the adds. Maexxna took us 2 tries because the first attempt not everyone was in the room when I pulled her and they got webbed out. Hahahaha, lesson learned there. That was where we had to call it but it went really well for us and we plan on trying Plague wing this week, if we have enough people on. I am thinking if we work it right we might do 2 wings if plague doesn't go to bad. I also got in a pug Vault25 on Sunday and in bad form they decided to kill the easy boss first which was cake. Got my first 25 man kill, no sweat. Then we went to get ready for Emalon and had a mispull on the first trash guy and he wiped out most of the raid, well of course 6-7 people bail because we died, not even considering it was a mispull on a high health enraging trash pull, so of course our raid fell apart and when we tried to salvage a 10man we had no healers so I called it a night. Oh well, maybe next time.

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Shy said...

I am happy to see that there are guilds who aren't racing through the content. Enjoy it while it lasts, and I'm happy for you that spider wing went so well ^_^

I hope you'll get many more enjoyable evenings in Naxx =)