Monday, April 13, 2009

Update: we can raid who knew

Well we had a pretty succesful go of it this weekend. We only had 9 people on on Friday but we were not gonna let that slow us down so we just headed to Vault to see if we could 9-man. Cakewalk just as I figured it would be. About half of our group had seen the fight already so it was easy enough to explain the basics and take out old Archavon. I don't remember the gear that dropped but the Mammoth did drop and I was lucky enough to win the roll. WOOT! I love it its so big I just ride it around everywhere now. Well anyways since we one-shotted Vault we wanted to keep going but since our offtank had to work in the morning Naxx wasn't gonna work so we thought lets try to 9-man OS. Luckily 2 of our group had been there before and Shir is pretty good at explaining the basics to the fights so we rolled through the place with a wipe on the last trash mob because we let the flame balls or whatever get to many people and then we 2-shotted Sarth. We let too many adds go in our first attempt and they just went crazy on our healers in the first try but after seeing the fight once and me almost wiping us right away on our second try because I forgot to have righteous fury up (grrr at me), we took him down easypeasy. I got lucky there too because the T7 gloves dropped and since I was the only one who could use them I got those 2 so now I have the 2 piece set bonus cause I bought the chestpiece with emblems. So our runs went really well and fun was had by all. We will probably try to get into Naxx here pretty soon, and while this is a far cry from every other guild out there coming from where we were barely moving through Kara before the big nerf, I think we have made some serious progress for our really small guild. Afterwards me and another member thought it would be fun to change it up and switch roles so he respecced tank and I respecced ret and we ran some heroics the rest of the weekend to have fun with that. My ret gear still needs some work but I was still pushing 1950-2200 damage depending on whether the run was melee friendly or not. I really need to enchant my ret gear so I can pug some stuff after dual-specs come out. Alright /end wall of text

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