Thursday, April 30, 2009

So now they want to raid lol

Now that we've started jumping into the ten mans it seems like anytime we have at least 8 people they start talking about getting in a ten man. We had to let them know about the raid lockout since we had just done VoA and OS on Tuesday we have to wait until next week. So we decided to get a jumpstart on Naxx and got a little work on the Spider wing. We probably could have finished it but I was having major issues with my PC locking up on me and having to log back in. It seems like everytime there was a mass of Aoe it would just DC me, i had already lowered my settings way lower than uusual but it wasn't working so I reloaded my UI altogether. That wasn't cool. I didn't even bother resetting up my addons as we were already inside Naxx I just moved some buttons and keybinds and played mod-less. We were able to get Anub and Grand Widow even with me slowing us down. We 9 manned it as well. We really do a good job once we learn the encounters I am really looking forward to Friday to see if we can really make some progress.

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